Cohorted Beauty Box | October 2016

Seeming as it’s nearly November, I’d better get on with showing you all the contents of the OCTOBER Cohorted Beauty Box hadn’t I?!


October’s box is valued at £140.00, which I must say, I haven’t seen a box valued at that price in a long, long time.

Inside it, we have five products from brands like TooFaced, Dr Botanicals and Paul Yacomine, involving quite a few haircare products and possible one of the most expensive body creams that I’ve ever owned, let alone used! Plus, there’s yet again some discount codes, including a £10.00 voucher code for Zalando.


TooFaced Land Down Under Eyeshadow Palette

Now here’s where I’m slightly confused, as in the little beauty booklet it describes this product as an eyeshadow palette, however on the product itself, it’s described as a collection of finishing powders. So, chances are there’s been a bit of a typo in the booklet, as I’m pretty sure that these are finishing powders and not eyeshadows.

TooFaced #TFNOFILTER Selfie Powders
Limited Edition, RRP: £32.00

I must say that I would never go out and buy this product, as it’s just not a palette that I could see myself fully benefiting from or really getting the most out of. It is however one that really intrigues me, so I’m very happy to have recieved it in this months box!


Dr Botanicals Morrocon Neroli Body Cream
RRP: £72.00

OH MY GOODNESS, I know of expensive skincare brands, but to recieve one in the Cohorted beauty box?! I’m a little gob smacked to tell you the truth! This 100ml tub of heaven is a Neroli & Shea Butter Body Nourishing Cream, which is described as having 100% natural ingredients, all paraben and harmful preservative free, and most importantly, this brand doesn’t test on animals.

Paul Yacomine Micro Treatment Oils | Paul Yacomine Micro Finish Series No.1 | Paul Yacomine Micro Finish Series No.3
Each RRP: £12.00

Again, another collection of products that left me a little stund… October’s box really is full of some weird and wonderful goodies. These three, oddly shaped haircare products, each contain different special oils to help protect, repair or add shine to your hair, and I’m very intrigued and excited to use them!

Overall, I can’t say that this has been my most favourite box EVER! Because, to be completely honest, I much prefer receiving make-up products, but in all, the October box has brought me a small collection of beauty products that otherwise I would never have a chance of trying.

What do you think to this months box?!

Thank you!
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