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If there’s one thing that I now really enjoy, it’s creating different make-up looks and then sharing them with you all on my blog. Granted, a lot of my make-up looks are quite similar, but then I’d say we all go for a very similar style on average each day anyway – I do however like to mix things up and use different products by both drugstore and higher-end brands. Which is why, today, I have an array of different Marc Jacob Beaut products that I’m very excited to share with you all.

Some of these products are advertised as new but then this may just be to the UK, as personally I’ve seen some of these products being used by Australian and US bloggers for a long time before now.


This look is what I would describe as classy and also quite natural BUT with a fun glitzy twist.

I love wearing this type of look each day but then I’d also say that it’s without-a-doubt wearable for a more special occasion, like a party. All I’d say you have to do, to glam this look up, is define the cheeks a little more and chuck on a lovely, pigmented red lippie! For this look however I used quite a few and certainly new-to-me, Marc Jacobs Beauty products… and all you have to do to find out what I used is carry on reading.



For my base, I used the Marc Jacobs Invisible Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, which I’ve read and heard quite a mixed lot of reviews for. Some people say that this is just an expensive version of the TooFaced Hangover primer, whilst others say that this is the best primer that they’ve EVER used.

I, on the other hand, think that it’s very nice and very nice indeed

It’s thinner in texture and consistency than TooFaced’s Hangover primer (for sure) and the formula also blends and absorbs into the skin a lot cleaner and a lot less tacky and wet. As a base, it also works very good! As it balances out my complexion, creating an almost invisible, hydrating layer to the skin. Which overall helps to blend and sit my chosen liquid foundation very well.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on a Marc Jacob’s foundation. Therefore, I decided on the Born this Way foundation by TooFaced as it’s a medium to full-coverage foundation that I can’t say I’m all that familiar with. To conceal the problem area’s on my face, I paired this foundation with it’s sister in crime; the Born this Way concealer, which is also by TooFaced. To then brighten up my under eye’s, I went with the Rainforest of the Sea Aqua concealer by Tarte, which is an absolutely beautifully concealer to use and wear!


Moving onto my most favourite part about make-up!


To first prime and prepare my eyes, I, using my finger, applied a dab of my most favourite eye primer EVER! The MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot, in the shade: Painterly. Moving straight in, I then lightly blended the shade: Nudie by TooFaced, which you can find in the Natural Eyes Palette, all over my lid and in my crease. This shade is very subtle, so just as long as you use a near to your skin tone shade, it really doesn’t matter which eyeshadow in particular you use. I then, very excitedly, drew over my entire lid with the Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eyeshadow Stick, in the shade: Au Revoir, and blended this in lightly with the same brush that I used previously for the powdered eyeshadow. To then finish off my eyes, I lightly lined my lower lash line with my favourite eyeliner by Urban Decay; the 24/7 eyeliner in the shade: Roach, and again blended this over lightly with a brush, so it wouldn’t appear as harsh and un-natural. Moving onto my lashes, I decided to first curl my lashes with a pair of Revlon lash curlers and then apply 2-3 coats of the Legendary Lashes mascara by Charlotte Tilbury

As for my brows, I tried a new product for the first time, which, it’s fair to say I’m ABSOLUTELY loving using!
The Marc Jacobs Brow Wow Defining Longwear Pencil, in the shade: Medium Brown, is possibly one of the best brow pencils that I’ve ever used!! The formula of the brow pencil itself is almost like a cream crayon, as you don’t get those un-natural pencil strokes when using this product. Instead, this brow pencil appears smooth and really quite natural. It fills in my brows very easily and extremely quickly –  I couldn’t honestly wish for a brow pencil to be any better. To then set my brows in place and really just add an extra sense of dimension, I lightly brushed them over with my Gimme Brow by Benefit, in the shade: one.


Possibly the most exciting part about this make-up look… or at least a very close second, as I’m in love with that eyeshadow stick.

I now have two very beautiful, very sleek and very elegant face products by Marc Jacobs. One, is the #InstaMarc Light Filtering Contour Powder, which comes with a contour powder and a highlight/ strobing powder, and the second product is the absolutely gorgeous Air Blush, Soft Glow Duo, in the shade Kink & Kisses – which is a truly Instagram worthy product!

(I would now LOVE to tell you what I think of them.. BUT up to now I’ve only actually used them twice, so it would be a little unfair of me to conclude my overall opinion on these products by Marc Jacobs)

For my highlight, I went with the very luxurious Ambient Lighting Palette by Hourglass, and from that palette I used the shade: Incandescent Light; to highlight the top of my cheekbones, down my nose, at the top of my cupids bow and just under my brow arch!


For my lips, I wanted to go quite neutral and quite classy overall, as of course I was wearing this look throughout a normal, casual day. Therefore, I chose the shade: Driftwood from the new MAC Liptensity Lipstick collection, BUT If you did want to glam this look up, I’d definitely recommend a good, bold red lip!marc-jacobs-makeup-look2

Overall, I am VERY happy with both my recent purchases and this look, and as I say, I’ll get back to you soon with those individual reviews on some of the products mentioned within this blogpost.

What do you think to this look, if you do decide to recreate it or try something similar, don’t forget to tag me on either Instagram or Twitter!

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