SPOILER ALERT: Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Parties Advent Calendar 2016

SPOILER ALERT: Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Parties Advent Calendar 2016

As the season changes and days become quite bleak, blankets begin to make a reappearance on the sofa, and coats on the back of our seats… Around this magical time of the year, there’s only truly one thing on my mind, which has to be the lead up to the day, December twenty-five…


Leading up to this magical time of the year, I honestly, have one very dominant and one VERY IMPORTANT thing on my mind… which is of course, what beauty advent calendars am I going to buy?!


This year, it would appear that EVERY brand humanly possible is divulging in an advent calendar of some sort. From beauty ones, to lego and of course chocolate, there really are a lot to choose between, BUT one beauty advent calendar that has definitely caught my attention, is the Legendary Parties 2016 by the one & only; Charlotte Tilbury. It’s expensive, of course – but being by such a high-end and popular brand, does this make it worth it… I think I’ll let you decide.

charlottes-world-legendary-parties-5 charlottes-world-legendary-parties-3

The Charlotte’s World Of Legendary Parties advent calendar houses twelve of her award-winning products, which are all travel-sized. The advent calendar itself is shaped and designed like a little box cabinet, and each product is placed in a drawer that neatly slides in and out.


Included in this advent calendar…
Mini Magic Cream
Mini Wonderglow
Mini Multi Miracle Glow
Mini Goddess Skin Clay Mask
Mini Take It All Off Eye Makeup Remover
Mini Supermodel Body
Eyes to Mesmerise: Marie Antoinette
K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick: Penelope Pink
Colour Chameleon: Black Diamonds
EXCLUSIVE Pocket Pout: Jessica Red
Mini Legendary Lashes
Lip Lustre: Sweet Stiletto


In all honesty, I’m a little disappointed as to only getting twelve products inside.. I mean, this advent calendar is £150.00, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t really see where my money actually is. I understand that Charlotte Tilbury products are usually VERY expensive but these are travel-sized, making them ideally cheaper in price.. unfortunately however travel-sized products aren’t really available to buy, so I couldn’t work out the actual saving or price of each product individually from within this calendar. I also have another pet-hate with this calendar giving only twelve products, and that’s when on earth do you begin it?! The 1st December, the 12th or the 13th??

To conclude, I’m going to keep this calendar. I mean, I could return it quite easily BUT after really looking through each of the products included, this calendar is going to allow me to try a wide-range of products by Charlotte Tilbury – that usually I wouldn’t be able to. I guess in a way, that’s why we love beauty calendars so much, as your able to try a good selection of products that normally you wouldn’t think of or (as a full-sized product) is usually rather expensive to buy alone.


Will you be buying this advent calendar?


Thank you!
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