A £72.00 Body Cream?!?

The product in question:

Dr Botanicals | Neroli & Shea Butter Body Nourishing Cream
RRP: £72.00 (100ml)


Fear not, I actually received this product in the October Cohorted Beauty Box last month, and I wanted to share this product with you all, as I know that there may be some of you, who would consider spending your hard-earned cash on this rather expensive skincare product!


To begin, I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of the scent of this product, as it’s quite strong and almost quite herby.. which could perhaps be the Neroli – although I couldn’t say for sure as I’ve never smelt it before now. There’s also a slight essence of the shea butter within the overall scent, which is one factor that I do like, as it adds a calming and much more relaxing feel to the product.

The cream itself is quite tacky in texture BUT not sticky and also quite thick. It rubs and absorbs into the skin very quickly, and drys pretty fast too. One thing that again I have to say that I don’t like about this product is the powerful aroma of the scent once on your skin.. I mean, I don’t like the scent HOWEVER I can only imagine that if you like the scent of this body cream then this is going to be a factor that you really like about this product. I also have to mention that this product may not be suited to sensitive skin, as once I applied this body cream onto my arms they felt quite irritated and itchy, which I can only presume is because of the cream. As to the effects of this product, I can’t say that I’ve really noticed any difference to the feel or appearance of my skin. It leaves it smooth and soft, yes, but nothing to go crazy for.

Overall, I’d had to conclude (on my own personal experience of using this product) that it’s not in fact worth it’s hefty price tag! I didn’t get on using this product nor did I see any benefit’s from actually using it.


Of course, these are only my thoughts and feelings from using this product myself. We all have different experiences and reactions to products, so please, if you find this product works for you, let us all know in the comments below.

Thank you!
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