Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

There comes a time in all make-up junkies lives, when you take the plunge and fork out more than normally would on a much more luxury branded beauty product, to then discover that actually you’d off been better off just keeping your money safely within your purse. Unfortunately, it would seem that for me, this time has now come. As recently, I purchased a foundation that I believed would be an asset within my make-up collection and really stand out above the rest.

I purchased the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation at a Boots store. After speaking to one of the Chanel make-up specialists at the counter and being told that I would be best suited to this foundation. I mean, it’s not the ladies fault, I told her that I prefer a much more healthier looking foundation, a more dewy finish and in all honesty, a less full coverage. From which, she matched me to this foundation in the very lightest shade of number ten.


To begin, I have to give this product SOME credit, I mean, it’s not all doom and gloom (well, not quite). The packaging to this product is stunning; a gorgeous frosted glass bottle that feels VERY luxurious indeed. Situated on top is a simple and slightly delicate lid, which displays the iconic and very fashionable Chanel logo on top. Taking off the lid, there’s a simple and petite pump, which I didn’t expect to find, but am very happy to see. The pump then dispenses a very ideal amount of the foundation;  which is a slightly thickish but an overall very creamy formula. The scent of this foundation is again divine, I don’t personally own any Chanel perfumes but can only imagine that they have taken some inspiration from their collection for the scent of this foundation, as it really is one of the best smelling foundations that I’ve ever owned!


Now, comes the part where I have to relay my disappointments about this product, but first, let me give you a bit of background information about this product and why you may or may not want to buy it.

This is an ‘invisible foundation, which is designed to create a healthy, natural glow on the skin, whilst also protecting the skin from the unpleasant and harsh environment around you’. It’s a foundation that frees the skin, as it allows skin to breathe more freely, whilst also giving it a healthy glow. It contains kalanchoe extract, which is a beauty-protecting botanical active ingredient combined with SPF 25/PA++ sunscreen, which together strengthen the skin and protect it against environmental stress. It also contains hyaluronic acid derivative, which provides the texture of your skin with an instant sensation of hydration and comfort that lasts all day long.

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In black & white, this foundation sounds ideal, and to those of you who are lucky enough to have completely flawless natural skin, then this is going to be a foundation made for you and one that you can wear quite easily. As it gives the skin a very light coverage, with an also very lovely healthy natural glow. For me however I like a bit more coverage, as this foundation reminds me hugely of a BB cream, as it has a very similar coverage where freckles, blemishes, redness and dark circles are still very visible even when wearing 1-2 layers of this foundation, and unfortunately that’s not a look that I feel comfortable with.
I have freckles mostly around my T-Zone, and I do like to conceal them a little more than how they appear in their natural state. Which perhaps sounds easy enough to do… I mean, concealer was invented for a reason but if only it was that simple to do when it comes to this product. Leading me to the much more disappointing area of this foundation… As it literally doesn’t pair together with any other base product; whether that be a cream, a powder or a liquid – it literally doesn’t matter which type of product you try to pair it with, the end result always looks the same.

Which I realise probably makes no sense, so please let me explain… I popped on a primer as usual, then applied the Chanel Les Beige Foundation with my Artis Oval 7 brush (as usual), let it set for a couple of minutes and then applied some swipes of concealer in the normal places that I do. Using a blending sponge (like usual), I attempted to blend my concealer in and soften it into my complexion. Instantly, I noticed the foundation underneath moving around and forming creases of orange stains around my face. So, I wiped off my base make-up and started once again from scratch, this time avoiding a primer beforehand and instead of using a blending sponge, I decided to try and softly blend my concealer in using a soft concealer brush by Ecotools. Again the foundation underneath had moved slightly, but it wasn’t to disastrous this time, there were however clumps of concealer dotted around my face, appearing very heavily cakey and just not even in the slightest. Meaning, I yet again had to wipe my base make-up off and start from scratch.


Overall, I have to say that I’m hugely disappointed with this foundation.

I’ve tried to give it the benefit of the doubt by using it every now and then, and with different tools and brushes, but it always remains and manages to disappoint me each time, which is a HUGE blow for not only a very expensive product but also a very iconic and popular brand which I expected to deliver a descent product overall.

I’ve tried pairing it with cream products, blending over some foundation powder or blending it together with a different more full coverage foundation.. but they each end up with my base make-up appearing very cakey and quite patchy in areas. I understand and ‘get’ that this foundation isn’t suppose to give your skin a full or medium coverage, but surely blending it with concealer should be something that your able to do?!

On a more positive note however, if your a person that prefers and likes a very light coverage foundation – an almost ‘no make-up look’ then your going to love this foundation. Along with someone who doesn’t care about concealer and doesn’t usually pair your foundation with a powder!

Have you tried this foundation before, am I doing something wrong?!

Thank you!
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