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Does it beat the BeautyBlender?!

The Miracle Diamond Sponge by Real Techniques hasn’t been out all that long. Three weeks ago, I visited my local Boots store, and there found this beautiful sponge sitting on the shelf waiting for me to buy. I must start by telling you all that I’m not a huge fan of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, and out of every sponge going, MUCH prefer my pink BeautyBlender. I was however very intrigued as to how this sponge works, as it is of course shaped and cut into an ideal diamond.


To begin, I HAVE to tell you, as I did find it a little odd, that after first unboxing this sponge and running it under the tap to dampen, all soap suds started to come out of this sponge, which in honestly I never expected. Perhaps this is a Real Techniques thing? or maybe this is suppose to happen, I just never expected it to have all soap inside it and have to wash it thoroughly before my first use.

Soap suds aside, I am VERY, very, very impressed with this beauty sponge.

The larger side facets are ideal for blending and buffing in foundation or concealer. Once dampened this sponge very quickly and extremely effortlessly blends and covers the foundation over the skin evenly, smoothly and with a beautiful healthy coverage and finish. In fact, I’d even say that this blends in foundation on the larger areas of the face better than the original BeautyBlender… and that’s one thing that I never thought I’d say! 

As for the under-eye areas, this does a good job too. I mean, it blends and buffs both foundation and concealer very well, but perhaps not as great or evenly as the original BeautyBlender. The shape of this Miracle Diamond Sponge, is however very handy, as the thinner pointed end gets in to all of those more ‘tricky’ and ‘harder to reach’ areas.

real-techniques-miracle-diamond-sponge2 real-techniques-miracle-diamond-sponge1

Overall, I’m very impressed and will definitely be using this sponge from now on! In fact, it’s one that I’m happily going to repurchase in time to come. Does this beat the BeautyBlender, I hear you ask?!… well, that’s actually a very difficult question to answer. As the Real Techniques Miracle Diamond sponge is £12.00 and the BeautyBlender just £4.00 more at £16. So, to be perfectly honest, I’d have to say that the quality of these two sponges is about on par. The BeautyBlender is better at blending concealer around the under-eyes but this Diamond Sponge is much more efficient at blending and smoothing over foundation on the rest of the face. So, maybe it’s one that you’ll have to try and then decide for yourself.


What do you think to this sponge, will you be trying it?!

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