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*This post is in collaboration with The Library of Fragrance UK.

If there’s one type of product that’s known to put a smile on your face, it’s a memory styled scent that carries a little story with it, because when you smell something familar, whether that be a pile of fresh grass, a freshly baked lemon meringue or the roaring fire from a bonfire, it triggers a memory in your head, allowing you to rememeber a time that you’ve experienced.

The Library of Fragrance are a brand that wanted and have set out to recreate the idea of ‘fragrance’, changing a scent that pretends to be something – to a scent that actually is what it says it is. They strongly believe that if something physically makes you happy, then the fragrance of it around you will also put a smile on your face. They also believe that combining their fragrances is a perfect way to recreate a special something or time that you’ve enjoyed. For example, combining all three fragrances of; ‘Grass, Sunshine and Vanilla Ice Cream, makes the ideal Summer’s day stroll that we all fantasise about. In total, The Library of Fragrance have a mind-blowing 109 fragrances available, starting from scents we all know and are familiar with, to ones slightly more unusual, like Play-Doh, a New Baby and Pixie Dust!?!


The Library of Fragrance VERY kindly scent me a few of their fragrances to try and also enjoy…


I must admit, when I first read the name of this fragrance, I instantly thought of artificial flavourings and sweet smelling marshmallow, but of course that isn’t what The Library of Fragrance are about. They believe it scents that are real, and in all honesty you couldn’t get more real than this scent!
This liquid form of marshmallow reminds me of an open fire and sweet but also toasted, hot marshmallows bubbling away over an open pit fire. This is a scent that I personally would call perfect for Autumn, it’s cosy, warm and just an overall nice scent to be around.


Iced Berries

Out of the three fragrances that I was very kindly scent, I definitely thought that I would like this one the most. I expected a cool and refreshing mix of summer berries with a sweet undertone twist, but in actual fact, this scent is nothing of the sort. These are definitely more winter berries, as they’re mixed with what I would say is cinnamon and other Autumn’y/Winter spices. I mean, if I sniff hard enough, I get a slight Summer essence, but to be completely honest this is a scent that I would use more around this Autumnal time of the year. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of cinnamon in the slightest, so for me, this isn’t a scent that I particularly like… I do however know someone that will absolutely love it!


Lemon Meringue

Saving the best till last… if I do say so myself anyway.

The Lemon Meringue fragrance is an absolute dream! It smells light, sweet and very citrus’y, which is everything that I like in a scent or fragrance. Smelling this instantly reminds me of a freshly made lemon meringue, which is again something that I really enjoy. This is a really fun and happy scent that I’m loving using at the moment.


To conclude, I LOVE the idea of this brand. I think a little scent of something familiar would be a perfect gift for someone. The bottles themselves each appear very stylish, and are good for both a fragrance to spray on yourself or in actual fact to spray around your home! and already, I have SO many scents that I now want to try… (my wishlist is actually a little ridiculous)! But, I really want to try and smell; Butterscotch, Caribbean Sea, Four Leaf Clover, Holy Water(??), Pixie Dust, Sex on the Beach (Cocktail)Sunshine, AND Vanilla Cake Batter! Because honestly, why not!

Shop The Library of Fragrance for youself!

What do you think to these scents, have you tried anything from The Library of Fragrance before?!

Thank you!
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This blogpost is in collaboration with The Library of Fragrance UK. Products featured within this post have been gifted to me, with the intent of a review/feature on always, my thoughts & opinions shared within their post are 100% honest and my own. Thank you! Enquiries: Please email:

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