Six Shades of NARS

The Audacious lipsticks by NARS are by far my most favourite type of lip product to use! For me, they overtake MAC by a far and leave brands like Charlotte Tilbury or Urban Decay standing. In my opinion, they have the best formula going, as it’s smooth, satin-like and silky, but once on your lips matte in finish?! Which, I honestly find truly mind-boggerling! The matte finish feels matte, it’s texture’s matte but they don’t dry your lips out nor do they apply onto the lips like a coarse piece of sandpaper! They even last well throughout a normal day.. I mean, you don’t have to approach eating or drinking like your life depends on it nor do you have to keep topping up your lip colour throughout a busy day. The pigmentation is also unreal! As you literally get a lipful of colour in just one layer.

Out of the beautiful and quite large collection of Audacious lipsticks available, I own six shades.. which I adore and of course had to share with you all!


L-R: Vanessa • Brigitte • Juliette • Vivien • Anna • Jane


and here they each are…



The deepest and definitely the most darkest shade from within my collection is Vivien. This gorgeous shade colours the lips with a beautiful red’y, plum toned burgundy, which is perfect for around this Autumnal and Chritstmas’y time of the year!



Another beauty from within my collection is Brigitte. Brigitte was actually the first EVER Audacious lipstick that I tried and purchased, making this the shade that made me go and buy more! I instantly fell in love with these lipsticks formulas and how they sit so comfortably on the lips and look so pretty whilst wearing one too. Brigitte’s possibly my most favourite shade out of them all, as it’s such a versatile and pretty shade to work with. Described as a ‘Nude Rose’, I’d also say that it consists of reds, browns and coral undertones too.



The brightest shade that I own is Juliette, and this is described by NARS as a ‘Pink Coral’, which I’d have to say is pretty damn accurate.



Every time I hear this shades name I think of Frozen… and it’s actually pretty irritating! Luckily, and thankfully this shade isn’t irritating in the slightest! As it’s actually one of my most favourite shades to wear around the months of August and November.

It’s a beautiful dusky shade, that pretty much colours the lips with a berry under-toned, mauve colour.



There’s definitely nothing plane about this Jane!

Described by NARS as a ‘Terracotta Rose’, I’d actually have to completely agree, as I’d say Terracotta is the most perfect way to describe this lovely burnt orange and brown shade.



Lastly, another favourite of mine is Vanessa. This shade is described as a ‘Mauve Nude’, and again it’s just a very versatile and pretty shade to work with for either an everyday, casual look or a more fancy, going-out make-up look.


L-R: Vanessa, Anna, Jane, Vivien, Juliette, Brigitte

Do these lipsticks sound like your cup of tea?!

Thank you!
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