Cohorted Beauty Box | December 2016


Here I am, showing you the last Cohorted Beauty Box of 2016?!

I started my subscription with Cohorted back in November 2015 (…how is that over a year ago?!), and here I am still joined, still receiving a Cohorted Beauty Box each month and still posting about them on Over 2016, Cohorted have delivered a good array of treats, with I think it’s fair to say some also not so amazing products.. but either way I still love the excitement of receiving a completely random selection of goodies each and every month, and as far as I’m concerned I won’t be cancelling my subscription any time soon.


To get your hands on the Cohorted Beauty Box you have to subscribe – the subscription has no limitation, meaning you physically have to cancel it yourself as it will not end after a certain period of time. It costs £35.00 each month, and the payment is taken a month in advance each time.

The December Edition 2016 box is in collaboration with MissGuided, and with that there’s a 20% off discount code for MissGuided inside – which is a good thing if you shop there. This box’s overall value is stated by Cohorted as £80.00, which compared to my £35.00 purchase is very good. IN FACT, (if my maths are correct) that’s a 56% discount on everything included!

And here’s each individual product that’s included:


Plum & Ashby | Lavender Bath Essence – RRP: £18.00

Plum & Ashby is definitely a brand that I’ve heard of before… I just can’t think of where I’ve heard it before.
This Lavender Bath Essence has actual pieces of marigold and lavender floating around inside, which actually I really like the look of! I could imagine this bottle in a really fancy hotel room or in a very cleansed and calming spa.


The English Soap Company | Winter Village Large Bath Soap – RRP: £8.00

Another bathing goodie is this large soap block by English brand; The English Soap Company. This soap comes in a very handy, and innovative paper case, which includes a neat little handle, making this an ideal Christmas gift.

cohorted-december3 cohorted-december2

In this months Cohorted box you could have either received a Clarins Multi-Blush, a Clarins Lipstick or this gorgeous shadow. Luckily and thankfully I received the eyeshadow!

Clarins | Mineral Mono Eyeshadow (2g) – RRP: £17.50

Firstly, I have to say it. Seventeen pounds fifty is a tremendous amount of money to spend on a single eyeshadow.. don’t you think?! ALTHOUGH this is one of the nicest shadows that I’ve seen by Clarin’s.

It comes in a very beautiful gold single pot palette, with a pristine mirror situated on the inside of the lid and a tiny little sponge applicator, with the Clarins contemporary and clean logo situated in the middle of the handle. The shadow itself isn’t the MOST pigmented, I mean, there’s something to it but it isn’t the most pigmented shadow that I’ve ever seen. The shade is one that I would describe as a smokey mink, but then it also has flecks of gold which add to the overall glistening finish of the shadow. This shadow is also very easy and quick to blend, as I’d say that it gives you a quick and easy eye look with very little effort.


Lucy Annabella | Christmas Candle – RRP: £17.00 each

To complete this Christmas themed box, there’s two very beautiful Christmas candles inside, that together smell VERY Christmassy indeed.

That concludes the December Edition 2016 Cohorted Beauty Box!.. Has this been my favourite box? Perhaps not BUT then I’m more of a make-up junkie rather than skincare obsessed, plus Christmas scents aren’t really ‘MY THING’, but here I have some really beautiful gifts that I can pass onto someone who will really appreciate them!

Thank you!
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