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If the whole build up to Christmas wasn’t exciting enough, around this time of the year, it’s known for some cosmetic brands to release a fancy limited edition collection (or individual product) that’s just that extra bit special – which is of course great for any beauty junkie like myself! and one brand that’s definitely got involved in that this Christmas is Dior Beauty!

Dior isn’t really a brand that I used to think of for make-up.. of course it’s been in the cosmetic game for absolutely ages but I just never seemed to pay much attention to their absolutely stunning array of make-up on their beauty counters. I guess, I always presumed their make-up to be ABSOLUTELY out of this world expensive.. BUT once compared to brands like Smashbox, TooFaced, MAC, you have to think is it really that OTT?! PLUS, I have to admit, Dior’s cosmetics are amazing quality!

Two to three weeks ago, I popped into Debenhams to do a bit of Christmas shopping, and there shining through the mass of people was the Dior Beauty counter! To me, this felt like a sign… a sign that I HAD to take notice off. SO, I began to walk towards the counter and there, housed in it’s very own glass cabinet was this BEAUTIFUL little palette – and with only a few left in stock, IT WAS FATE, I had to have one.

The product itself is made from what I would say is faux leather and there’s a beautiful gold zip running around the case, which ensures all of the shadows stay clean and safe. Situated on top is the beautiful ‘CD’ logo, which is decorated in beautiful sparkly gold sequins. There’s also a sweet little duo ended brush included, which has a sponge applicator on one end and an angled brow brush on the other. Overall, I’d have to say that this piece is definitely more special – which is definitely saying something as Dior’s product are usually divine.

Once unzipped you’ll find five shadows in this palette.
Three of which are satin shades, which shimmer and sparkle on the eye AND the other two are for your brows.. which I actually use as eyeshadows too. One is a deep grey-toned brown powder and the other a light beige-toned brown wax.

The eyeshadows themselves are definitely more sparkle than pigment BUT either way I love using them, especially around Christmas time as you can really get away with just a little bit more sparkle. They also blend beautifully.. very easily and very well, and they’re lovely to use as they have a very creamy and soft formula, which looks SO pretty once on the eye! In all honesty, I have to say that the shades within this palette are great, as there’s a beautiful beige toned shade, which is great for all over the lid, there’s a soft chocolate brown, which has to be the most pigmented powder AND finally there’s a gorgeous snow shade, which I’d say has the most sparkle out of the three – I’d also say that this shade is ideal for the inner corner highlight! One thing that I will say about this palette, is if you don’t like sparkle all-over your eyes, then this palette isn’t going to be for you.

Moving onto brows
After the eyeshadows, there’s one brow powder and one brow wax. The brow powder is for filling in sparse brows, giving them shape and structure and defining them with colour, whereas the brow wax is designed to be used over the entire brow at the very end – almost like a top coat. This supposedly adds a waterproof coating to your brows, with also supposedly giving them a healthy shine.

As well as on my brows, I also use the brow powder as an eyeshadow too. As an eyeshadow, I’d say this powder works very well, as it’s matte in finish it enables a nice combination with the other shimmery shades, and it’s a good crease shade too! For the brows, the powder works well. It fills in sparser area’s of the brows easily, with also defining and shaping them with a touch of colour too. The brow wax HOWEVER does nothing! I mean, I’ve never seen any benefit of using a brow wax anyway.. and unfortunately this just reassure’s my feelings.

To conclude, I HAVE to say that this is DEFINITELY one of the prettiest, most petite palettes that I own. It looks absolutely gorgeous, as do the shadows themselves appear VERY pretty once on the eye. It’s certainly a luxury, I mean, at £43.00 nobody needs this, BUT if your into your higher-end brands and you feel like treating yourself, then I’d definitely say to head over to a Dior Beauty counter!

Thank you!
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