November 2016 Favourites

NO WAY IS NOVEMBER OVER.. Where did it go?
I can’t believe that we’re now in December and the windows on my beauty advent calendars are finally being opened.


During November, I tried, experimented and used a whole bunch of beauty products, and out of them all these are the products that I reached for the most.

Marc Jacobs
#InstaMarc Light Filtering Contour Powder

You may have seen this product featured on my blog already, as I created a look using a mixture of Marc Jacob cosmetics a little while ago, but I wanted to include this product in this post, as I just really like using it each and every morning when doing my make-up… I use the light (peach undertoned) skin shade under my eyes and to set any concealer into place, then, using a sculpting or angled powder brush, I gently and lightly blend some of the stone/ashy’y contour powder along my the indents of my cheekbones. I find this contour shade adds just the right amount of warmth and depth onto my skin, as it appears very natural and classy.

An Array Of Marc Jacobs Beauty Products – Jellybluesblog

Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

Again, a product that I’ve mentioned here on my blog a number of times before, but I just really like using this moisturiser and find the texture of the gel like cream to sit very comfortably on my skin and for it to absorb into my skin very well too.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Collection – Jellybluesblog
September 2016 Favourites – Jellybluesblog

Lippie Stix’s | Lumiere & Aquarius

Throughout November, I was turning and reaching for these two lippie stix’s more than regularly, as each and every time I was amazed by the quality of the actual lip product (especially for there price), along with the shade colour and pigmentation.

If I could, and if they were more accessible in the UK I would DEFINITELY purchase a whole lot more of these!

Colourpop Haul – Jellybluesblog

Diamond Collection Eyelash Curlers

*OOPS, I’ve just realised that these where in my October Favourites too!? but I mean, can you really have to much of a good thing.

October 2016 Favourites

Gold Obsession Lipstick | Nude Gold

Around October time, I found this lipstick at my local Boots store, and I must admit more higher-end brands are generally my go-to’s for make-up nowadays, but this lipstick looked very interesting so I thought that I’d pick one up.I chose the shade: Nude Gold, as it’s basically an everyday, very wearable colour that just goes with SO many different eye looks, and since picking one up, I HAVE to tell you that I’m VERY impressed indeed.

The shade is PERFECT for chucking on alone, to give your lips a tad of colour or finishing off over a lip pencil. It’s extremely comfortable to wear, hydrating and sheer in finish and just in general a very nice lipstick to use.
(please make a dusky rose shade LÓréal!)

Lip Balm | Summer Fruits

Another product mentioned before?! I know, I know there’s a pattern BUT at least you can see that I actually use the products which I speak about!

This has been the lip balm which I reach for morning, noon and night! I use it in the morning, as I’m applying my make-up, during the day to keep my lips lovely and smooth and just before popping into bed, to keep them hydrated throughout the night. It’s comfortable, non-sticky, it has a lovely scent to it and it looks very sweet AND it’s handy for travelling.

Maintaining Your Lips This Winter – Jellybluesblog

What were your beauty favourites during November?!

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Thank you!
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