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*This post is in collaboration with Engage Interactive/ Bettys of Harrogate.

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Styling and decorating your home for Christmas can be an incredibly stressful, time consuming and costly job BUT well worth it in the end! As Christmas approaches us, we all seem to rush around collecting and buying presents, sending Christmas cards (to that one relative who lives half way around the world) and writing up your shopping list remembering everything that you need for the special day. I mean, all of this sounds wonderful BUT what about your home?! A tree’s great but in order to fully get into the Christmas spirit you need to make your home beautiful, which is why I’ve teamed up with Engage Interactive to share with you all the truly Magical with Bettys Christmas inspiration site, which shares so many good tips and ideas to help you dress and decorate your home beautifully this Christmas!

Within this post, you’ll also see a very delicious array of Bettys treats! These were very kindly sent to me a few days ago, and I’m still amazed as to how photogenic these items of food really are!

Milk & White Chocolate Cameral Mice – £4.95

Chocolate Christmas Pudding – £4.95

Christmas Lebkuchen Biscuit Selection – £8.25

After scrolling through Bettys magical Christmas site, I HAD to try out some of the styling tips for myself AND this is what I came up with.

With Bettys help, I discovered that in order to really make the most of your space you have to keep the number of objects that you use down to a minimum. A theme is also very important! Mixing and matching different styles of objects won’t do, you have to pick one or two colours and keep yourself under control. With nature too, playing a massive part in the ‘Christmas look’, you want to keep the design and decoration as simple, raw and clean as possible. SO, sticks, red currants, pine cones and glass all work together beautifully, as these really emphasise a cold, winter day – which is the season that a lot of us associate with Christmas. I also find the appearance of moss to be so beautiful around Christmas time, which is why I chose to display the beautiful bulb decoration vase (as shown above).

‘Pretty’ food is another goodie when it comes to Christmas displays, which may sound bonkers but please stay with me. Having a beautiful plate of iced biscuits, little chocolates or even something a little more savoury displayed on your Christmas themed fireplace is something that you should definitely look into if your planning on hosting a little get together! As it allows and really brings a collection of objects together, making it a sharing area, a place of happiness and excitement and a real talking point!

Christmas Stollen – £9.95

Bettys have SO many delicious treats and goodies available, honestly their website is torture! But I’ve learnt a lot through Betty’s Christmas site, so I definitely recommend it to anyone! Whether you want to create something a little more adventurous for your Christmas menu or create a focus point in your living room…
Visit Magical With Bettys Chrsitmas site for more tips and inspiration.

To order your own delicious goodies visit Betty’s online store:
(You have until 12pm on Wednesday 21st December to order your treats in time for Christmas!)


What do you think to Bettys, have you visited their tea rooms before?!

Thank you!
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