Ten ‘Ha’mazing Highlighters

Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.. the use of a highlighter always seems appropriate. I guess, we may choose to tone the intensity of our highlighter down during the colder, wintery months but in all honestly, would it really matter if you didn’t?!

Highlighter is also of a personal nature, as some people love to wear heaps of the stuff… practically blinding passers by, whereas others prefer the more natural, simplistic approach, which’s also absolutely fine!
There’s not one rule around highlighter.. I mean, where you put it definitely makes the difference BUT whether you want to glow like or a star or shimmer like fairy dust, the choice is really down to the individual.

personally love highlighter, and definitely feel incomplete without it – which may sound a little ridiculous, as it isn’t nessacarily a noticeable part of ones make-up BUT then, should it be?!
I prefer my highlighter to be more natural than dramatic, as I think of highlighter as I do contour – meaning, that it’s there to give the illusion of a slender and toned face. I also apply my highlighter with the idea of natural light in mind, SO if sunlight naturally hits that part of your face then highlighter can be applied there.

Over the duration of the past two years, I’ve collected, acquired and purchased more make-up than ANY one living soul needs… I realise this YET I still enjoy and take pleasure in buying more, and that isn’t going to change! Over this period of time, it’s fair to say that I’ve tried a lot of different highlighting products – and with only now feeling as though I really understand highlighter.. I wanted to share with you all my ten most favourite products to date.

Rosie for Autograph Insta-Glow Blusher – Shimmer Sunrise

Yes you did read the word blush, although this is definitely more of a highlighter. As it gives your cheekbones a beautiful pink glow, with a slight sheen finish, and I personally like to wear this highlighter on those ‘no make-up days’, when your wearing a touch of make-up BUT not a ‘face full’.

Elizabeth Arden Shimmer Powder

This highlighter came in a little beauty set, which is why it’s not in the usual style of packaging.. BUT I had to include it in this post as it’s just the perfect travel companion! It gives the skin a light, champagne toned highlight with a very light and fine powder. This is a comfortable highlighter to wear, as it’s also extremely lightweight!

ColourPop Highlighter – Spoon

I HAD to feature this one.. although it’s not the easiest of products to get holt of in the UK, it’s MORE THAN affordable and just a lovely product to use. The shade is bright, bold and just perfect for when you want to get all dressed up and fancy! It’s also incredibly pigmented, and just a lovely formula to apply and wear.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator – Riviera

I remember first purchasing this highlighter.. and being amazed by the pigment, finish and shade! It gives the skin a GORGEOUS golden glow, which is perfect for when your freshly tanned and the suns beaming.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

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It’s pretty fair to say that this palette is a much loved favourite amongst the blogging community. I mean, firstly it’s made by Hourglass and secondly the powders themselves are ABSOLUTELY stunning… SO what’s not to like?! This palette holds three of Hourglass’ face powders.. and these are; Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light.

Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer

If your a beauty junkie like myself then you probably own this highlighter already?! I mean, it more or less took over YouTube at one point.. with every beauty influencer rejoicing in it’s beautiful pigmentation and finish. The shade is also very workable, as it’s a beige under-toned champagne colour that shimmers and sparkles in natural sunlight.

bareMinerals Invisible Light Powder Duo

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This has to be another one of my favourites! Each shade (or a combination of the both) is PERFECT for the ‘inner corners’ of your eyes and for under your brow arch. Plus with the right size brush, this is ideal for your cupid bow highlight and down the centre of your nose. The powder itself is very fine and smooth… meaning, it doesn’t leave any texture on the surface of your skin.

LÓréal True Match Highlighter – Icy Glow

After all of the fancy named products that I own, this is actually the highlighter that I reach for the most. As it gives the skin a beautiful, natural glow.. that I ADORE!

Dose Baked Highlighter – Pearl Dust

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If you love a pink toned highlighter, then this is definitely one for you! This product is incredibly pigmented and just SO, so beautiful.

Becca (By Jaclyn Hill) Champagne Pop

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No highlighter line up would be complete without Champagne Pop. I mean, it’s such a popular and highly thought after product, I just HAD to include it!

If you fancy hearing a little more about any of the products featured within this post, then drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

What are your favourite highlighting products?!

Thank you!
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    • jellybluesblog
      30/12/2016 / 23:02

      It’s gorgeous isn’t it! I love it for either everyday makeup or ‘going out’.. it’s so versatile. Oo Champagne pops another one of my faves, although I feel it looks better on me when I’m tanned 🙂 x

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