A £125.00 Palette?! | Giorgio Armani Luxe Is More Palette

Which four lettered word really gets my heart racing?! I’ll give you a clue, it begins with S and ends in E.

Giorgio Armani Luxe is More Nude Eyeshadows and Contouring Face Palette

Over Christmas time there were sales galore! From clothes to luxury shoes, plus beauty products, there was literally something for everyone! On Christmas Day, I visited the Selfridges website and there saw an amazing offer! It was the Giorgio Armani Luxe is More (Hollywood Palette) – which is usually £125.00 – on sale for £64.00 (I KNOW). Unfortunately, this palette was sold out online but as I knew I would be going to Selfridges on Boxing Day I kept my hopes up.

Boxing Day came and I was soon in Selfridges. At first, I began to loose hope as this palette was no where to be seen nor were there are signs of it’s existence. SO, I decided to ask the Giorgio Armani beauty counter lady AND she had one! It was hidden away with the usual make-up (which seemed a little strange) BUT she had one and it was still discounted! NOW, by no means did I need this palette, it would be a Boxing Day splurge… but could I really let a deal like this pass me by?

Giorgio Armani’s idea behind this palette is to pay tribute to the 30’s and 40’s film legends – and I definitely see were they’re coming from.

The packaging of this palette is stunning! It’s classic looking, luxurious and just beautifully finished off. NO it’s not the most ideal travel companion but for £125.00 would you want it to be?! I know I wouldn’t. This is bulky, chunky, fairly heavy actually and just one of those luxurious items that stands out in any make-up collection. I also love how every part of this palette how been thought about and accounted for. I mean, the two-tier design houses ten eyeshadows, one large compact powder, two shades of cream foundation, two flat make-up sponges, two sponge applicators and a large oval mirror!! This palette also comes with it’s very own dust bag, which is handy for keeping it clean and safe.


My thoughts

There’s not one thing that I would change about this palette (except perhaps it’s RRP price?!). The eyeshadows are creamy like soft butter, they are pigmented but sheer in finish and they blend extremely effortlessly. There’s also a good range of colours within this palette, as you can either create a sophisticated, classic look or something a little more OTT with that bright silver and deep matte black. These eyeshadow’s also smoke-out beautifully, enabling you to create the most perfect dramatic smoky eye!

Lifting the tier up.
The compact powder is described by Giorgio Armani as a silky and luminescent powder, which is supposedly suitable for all skin colours. I’ve used this powder a few times now and each and every time I just love the result. It gives my skin a matte finish, with also adding just a little bit more coverage which is something that I definitely desire on a regular basis. I also like to use this powder to set my under-eye concealer in place, as it’s lightweight and definitely not drying! Sitting underneath, there’s the two shades of cream foundation. NOW, I don’t actually use these foundations alone, as they’re a little too thick in consistency for me BUT I do like to pair them on top of another foundation for either a little more coverage or if I want to define and contour my face. I find the darker foundation shade to work great as my contour product! As it’s extremely buttery and creamy plus it blends amazingly well with a foundation brush. I then like to use the lighter shade of foundation to highlight and conceal my under-eye areas, if I need a little more protection. I don’t do this all that often but if I decide to, I know that this product will work well.

Would I say this is worth it’s £125.00 price tag?! Hmmm... in all honesty I wouldn’t. It’s a lovely palette, the eyeshadows are beautiful and the face products are a nice little extra BUT I could manage and live without this palette. I mean, I have other face powders that I prefer and other cream concealers/foundations/contour products that I could use instead, and the eyeshadow shades aren’t that unique, even if they are absolutely divine.
Would I say this is worth it’s £64.00 discounted price?! Well that depends. Make-up’s expensive. Half of the time, I don’t see how products are worth the amount of money that they are.. but I carry on buying them and giving into temptation, at the end of the day this isn’t just a make-up palette, it’s a higher-end palette created by a designer – your paying for it’s name just as much as you are the product. SO, with that in mind I don’t think I made a bad decision to buy this palette, after all I’ve got ten eyeshadows, a face powder, two cream foundation products and some sponges and sponge applicators.

What do you think to this palette, would you buy it?

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