A Limited Edition Palette by Dior Beauty!

Have you ever seen an eyeshadow palette like this before?! I know I certainly haven’t! (I mean) this palette isn’t just a piece of make-up – it’s a piece of art. A product to be admired and most importantly, a product to use sparingly.

From this limited edition collection there were two different shade choices available AND from the two palettes, I chose: Precious Embroidery, as let’s be honest it’s absolutely gorgeous PLUS the shades are more to my taste!

Dior 5 Couleurs Splendor Eyeshadow Palette – Precious Embroidery

The 5 Couleurs Splendor Palette is designed uniquely, as it contains a pressed design in the shadows themselves, which appears like stitched sequins. I also really like this design as the pattern is slightly 3-dimensional, making it appear more detailed, more refined and just a little more luxurious overall! It’s also lovely to see that the shadows themselves haven’t been pressed in and squashed up altogether. There’s room within this palette, along with two duo ended make-up brushes and a large, clear mirror.

As you’ve probably guessed already, there’s five shadows in this palette; a purple-toned gold, a sheer crisp white, a glistening bright gold, a dark berry brown and a deep berry-toned black. Each of the shades are also sheer in finish, which I can assure you, is not always a good thing. I mean, a matte shade would of been nice to have within this palette, as I have to use another eyeshadow for my base/transition shade, which isn’t always ideal if I’m in a rush. A matte shade would have also been nice to have as together these appear very shimmery, glow’y and just a little bit OTT for a casual day. These eyeshadows are also a little weak in the pigmentation area. I mean, when applied with your finger these are great, but who wants to do that everytime?! (I know I don’t). I like to use a dense, flat shader blush to apply these shadows, as then I can really pack the shade on and get the best colour pay off. I also have to make sure that I’m wearing an eyeshadow primer beforehand, as without one there’s hardly any colour whatsoever!
Never the less, I really like using this palette AND love the looks that I can achieve when I use it. Paired with winged eyeliner and a good, volumizing mascara you can really dress up with this palette and create a very glam look indeed!

What do you think to this palette, would you buy it?!

Thank you!
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