A £130.00 Mascara?! – Hourglass Curator The Lash Artist (Review)


Sat underneath my Christmas tree was possibly the MOST beautiful piece of make-up that I’ve EVER seen.

Hourglass have recently come out with an outstandingly innovative – out-of-this-world mascara! That honestly looks like something from out of space. It comes in three parts, making it overall very pricy but also pretty difficult to get your hands on too. Before Christmas (and when this product first came to the UK) it was available in a limited edition set, which not only gave it a fancy gift box but also thankfully made it a little cheaper in price too. This complete set comes with the application wand (the lash instrument), the lash primer and the black mascara formula.

 A little more info…

The Curator Lash instrument has been specially designed to give ‘you a full 360° range that evenly coats each and every lash from base to tip’. It’s also made entirely from stainless steel, and most confusingly has no bristles what so ever! Instead the wand applicator has a fine threading all the way around the tip, which actually resembles a screw far too well.

To apply both the primer and mascara formula/s, Hourglass recommend you to use the ‘zig zag’ motion.. meaning, moving your lashes and pushing the formula’s onto them from side to side continuously.

The Ascent Extended Wear Lash Primer is the first product that your going to use when reaching for this extraordinary mascara set! It supposedly provides a ‘dramatic lift, secures the curl of your lashes’ whilst also enhancing the look of your lashes once mascara has been applied.

The Realist Defining Mascara Formula is of course next. This ‘silky jet black formula supposedly provides the ultimate length and definition to your lashes’, whilst also giving you a defined and clean look by separating your lashes and ensuring that there aren’t any clumps.

Is this mascara an essential?!
In my opinion, no.

I could live without this mascara more than easily, as it doesn’t give me the most AMAZING results ever – which definitely pains me to say. I guess this mascara gives me fluttery lashes with a little bit of volume BUT in all honesty that’s about it. I don’t find this mascara to give my lashes length nor extreme volume or an extra special curl, which I have to admit is very disappointing, especially as this mascara set carries an extremely hefty price tag with it! I’ve also found this mascara to make my lashes appear quite short and clumpy – which is definitely surprising as it states in the booklet ‘use with the curator lash instrument for clean, separated lashes’?!

Is this mascara a gimmick?!
In my opinion, yes.

This may well be a gorgeous piece to own for a make-up collector and without a doubt a piece of art in itself BUT seems as though a ‘normal’ mascara can achieve what this mascara does, I’d call it a gimmick for sure!

The lash instrument is also an absolute pain in the bum to clean because you can’t wipe it with a tissue or a face wipe as the little cloth fibres come away and get raffled in the thread (applicator). Warm water doesn’t remove the product alone, and towels just end up covered in mascara. In fact, the only technique I’ve found to work successfully, is to soak the lash instrument in make-up remover – which as you’ve guessed, is not cost effective in the slightest. With it being such a nightmare to clean, it’s also pretty time consuming to use. I mean, you first have to apply the primer (then clean the wand), then dip the instrument in the mascara formula and apply onto your lashes – and then you have to clean the instrument thoroughly. SO, if you’ve got a deadline – perhaps reach for a different mascara that day!

Overall, I’d have to conclude my feelings on this mascara set as a disappointment! YES it’s looks beautiful. Yes it has an extraordinary design which is different to anything that I’ve seen before BUT for £130.00 is it worth it?!

I just don’t see the amazing results that this mascara is suppose to give?! In fact, if anything my lashes appear worst?! The lash instrument is also pretty uncomfortable to use – as there’s no bristles and because there’s no bristles there’s nothing for you to push and wiggle your lashes against, instead there’s just a solid stainless steel bar.. which is pretty solid to say the least!

 Thank you!
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