A Clinique and Crayola Collaboration

Instagram is DEFINITELY to blame for this purchase… well probably the majority of them actually, as I saw this on there as I was scrolling through and NOW there’s one in my make-up collection?!

This product IS the outcome of the new collaboration between Clinique and Crayola… yes you heard me right – a cosmetics brand and a stationary brand!!! Who’d of thought it? This new and extremely innovative product features eight (mini) chubby stick style lipstick crayons, which each vary in finish and colour.

L-R: Red Violet, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Pink Sherbert, Mauvelous, Melon, Mango Tango, Wild Strawberry + Brick Red


The chubby lip crayons themselves offer a very light coverage and colour to the lips and in my opinion need to be paired with a lip liner, especially if your lip line is a little weak. Some shades within this set are more pigmented than others. I mean, ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’ has to be one of my favourites, as it gives quite a deep pigmented bronzy brown colour with an almost metallic finish WHEREAS ‘Mango Tango’ is very subtle, and only gives your lips a very sheer coral colour.

I guess one thing about this set is that it is very versatile and can be used whenever OR depending on what look your trying to achieve of course. There’s also a good choice of colours within this set – ranging from the classic red, to pinks, a few nudes and then a warm berry shade!

Texture wise, these chubby lip crayons apply and feel exactly like a lip balm or lip moisturiser. They each have a very buttery, creamy formula that feel VERY moisturising on the lips. Making them perfect for everyday use. One thing I will say about these though, is that they aren’t long-lasting nor smudge proof OR transfer proof, so be prepared to reapply as the day goes on. As for their pigmentation, these are build-able colours to a degree. I mean, after 2-3 layers you’ll get a nice colour on your lips BUT you wouldn’t be able to create a very dramatic lip look with these – although these aren’t really that type of lip product that you’d use for that purpose anyway. Overall, I’d have to say that this set is a great addiction to any make-up collection. As they offer a moisturising, feel-good option for any normal day – especially if you’ve been over doing the matte liquid lipsticks over the weekend!

In fact, I really like this collection as it isn’t just about a ‘lip product’, as both Clinique and Crayola have incorporated fun and design into make-up, which actually is something that I think is very important.

What do you think to this new collection?!

Thank you!
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