Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation (Review)

¬†¬†¬†You know those times when your waiting for someone in town and there’s nothing to do –¬†so¬†you have a mooch around the shops, hoping that either the person your waiting for turns up OR time somehow time fly’s by ever so quickly! WELL, this happened to me last month. There I was on my best behaviour (purse securely in my bag) looking around the Beauty Department in Debenhams. THEN, I glanced at the brand new Bobbi Brown counter which had only recently been installed. I took a walk over and noticed a ‘Brow Gel’ – YEP, I got matched and had one of those THEN as I was sitting waiting for the lady to find me a shade I saw the ‘Moisture Rich Foundation’ sitting there…. taunting me AND GUESS WHAT?!… I got matched and had one of those too. Somehow my ‘good behaviour’ had turned and my purse had seen the light of day…
Which is great in one way but certainly not good in another.

ANYWHOO… the foundation

Sitting at the Bobbi Brown beauty counter,¬†I got¬†matched to the shade: ‘Alabaster’, which is perhaps ideal as I can always apply a little more bronzer to darken my skin if I want.

One thing that I noted very clearly,¬†was that the lady told me that I would only need one ‘lot’ of this foundation each time – as ‘a little goes a long way’,¬†however¬†I find myself using at least three ‘lots’ to give me the coverage that I want.. and that’s coming from a girl that doesn’t usually wear a full coverage or heavy foundation.

I’m also¬†utterly¬†disappointed with the application method of this foundation, and find it to be one of the most frustrating things about doing my make-up! As there’s NO pump – and you can’t even buy and fit a pump separately! There’s no wand or¬†spoiley or pipette, it’s literally just an open glass bottle and the foundation itself is runny!¬†SO,¬†if you tip the bottle over to get some of the product out and you don’t do it carefully, product will go EVERY blooming where!

To get the foundation out you have to place and press the glass bottle opening¬†(of this foundation) on the back of your hand tightly. Then tip your hand over slightly, ensuring that the bottle is still firmly pressed against your skin, then slowly turn your hand back to your first position, and remove the foundation bottle (when it’s standing up right). Leaving you with a small puddle of the foundation itself.

At first, I would have to tell you that I was very disappointed with this foundation and regretted purchasing it instantly. As it didn’t give me the desired coverage that I wanted¬†nor¬†did it apply very easily. SO I took a break from using it for a couple of days, and then gave it another go.

Going back to this foundation, I decided to alter my application method and the tools in which I use. I decided to place this foundation is splodges around my face, then take a flat buffer brush and spread this around my face using the¬†stippling motion. After, this foundation appears spread evenly but not blended and certainly visible! So, I take a BeautyBlender which has been dampened (a little while ago – so it’s almost dry) and using this I pat my foundation down and ensure that every part is nicely blended. I like to use an almost dry dampened sponge as then it doesn’t take as much product away, plus it won’t weaken the coverage or enhance the ‘dewiness’.

Overall, I would have to say that I’m converted! I now love this foundation and am very impressed with the finish that it gives my skin! It did take me a little while to get used to it but¬†now I wouldn’t change anything about it… WELL perhaps the pump but there you go. I find this foundation to give my skin a very GLOWY medium coverage finish…¬†which I guess could be compared to when you put a heap load of moisturiser on! It can however be soon mattified with the dusting of some pressed powder. I can also happily apply concealer on top of this foundation to enhance the overall coverage, which also enhances it’s wear throughout the day!

Do you like the sound of this foundation?!

Thank you!
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