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   *This post is in collaboration with Neal & Wolf UK

Whether your single and ready to mingle, in a relationship or (just simply) happy on your own for now. The 14th February, i.e. Valentines is a special day and should be celebrated one way or another.

For me, the preparation for any special day is very important and definitely worth adjusting your diary to make time for.

Taking the time to pamper yourself – regardless of the situation, is very worth while and definitely a great way to help anyone recharge their battery’s. Like wise, the preparation and time before going somewhere special counts! Imagine rushing around, stressing and trying to get ready in a hurry (we’ve all done it – and all know how it feels afterwards) – it makes an impact on your time ahead. You end up feeling stressed as though you’ve forgotten something and really quite worked up, which is never ideal.
HOWEVER, if you clear your diary and give yourself time to bathe calmly (shower) you will create an overall relaxing atmosphere which does help to your overall thoughts, feelings, MOOD and emotions. It’s also great to make those extra little efforts before going somewhere special.

Let’s talk Valentines

In this case we’re talking Valentines, and I’ve been lucky enough to get together with Neal & Wolf to bring and put together a post all about some of their beautiful products, which are great associates for this coming Valentines.

Before any special occasion, treating yourself to a much more in depth (get ready) routine is (in my opinion) vital.
You want to put a nice treatment or mask on your hair, pop on a good, hydrating face mask and finish with a few spritz of a nice body fragrance and a few pumps of a lovely smelling hair oil. You then want to sort through your make-up collection (if you want to wear make-up that is) and pick out those extra special bits that normally you save for a more special occasion. The good thing about going OUT, is you can really pamper yourself, get really dressed up and really make the effort to make yourself look and feel great!

A few products that I KNOW I’m going to very much enjoy using are by the brand: Neal & Wolf.
I’ve spoken about Neal & Wolf before on my blog – but just in case your new here, I should tell you that I LOVE what Neal & Wolf stand for. They believe that products should be ‘good for you’ and not just put together because they sell well or because they leave your hair appearing great. They believe that potentially dangerous chemicals should be left out of hair care, and in turn replaced with something that isn’t going to harm you in anyway. Quite an obvious thought to me (as I’m sure you) but unfortunately some brands don’t have that same mind set.

NEAL & WOLF ELYSIAN – Refresh & Revive
Hand Wash and Hand & Body Lotion

I feel as though hands are always left out of our skincare routine but when you think about it, they take the most stress – we use our hands endlessly, and really should care about them more.

Before getting ready, I like to wash my hands thoroughly with the the Revive Hand Wash and then (once dry) apply a pump of the lotion all over, really concentrating to message the cream in well. The hand wash is a foaming product, which is designed to cleanse, moisturise and deeply nourish the skin, with it including ingredients such as: panthenol, shea butter and silk & milk proteins. The hand & body lotion has a non-greasy formula, which is designed to quickly nourish, rehydrate, soften and smooth both your hands and your body effectively, as it holds ingredients such as: shea butter, red algae and is infused with passionflower and borage oil.

One thing about Neal & Wolf products, that I’m sure no one can argue against is that they smell AMAZING! I mean, they’re literally a fragrance and a skincare product in ONE!

Hair & Body Fragrance

This product has Neal & Wolfs signature scent all over it! As you literally spray your hair & body with Neal & Wolf goodness! It has such ingredients like, blossom, white thyme and saffron with then also having the floral aromas of lily, Ylang Ylang, orchid and vanilla. This is a great product to use either everyday OR save for those more special occasions like Valentines Day.

Nourishing Hair Oil

I’ve been lucky enough to try, use and love this product before – and now Neal & Wolf and have very kindly sent me a replacement so I can enjoy it all over again!

This hair oil includes such ingredients like: Argan, Avocado and Jojoba – and Jojoba just so happens to be one of my all-time favourite ingredients to use on my hair when it’s looking a little sorry for itself! It’s also a great ingredient to use on bleached or dyed hair, (as I’ve experienced from using it).

This oil is designed to ‘transform rough, unruly hair into smooth and nourished hair’. VELVET also (and I can clarify this) provides shine and helps to protect against UV damage. As I’ve used this product for a while before now, I can tell you that it doesn’t leave your hair feeling or looking sticky or greasy, which is of course a very important factor when choosing a hair oil.

Shop my look:

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However you choose to treat yourself this Valentines and whoever you choose to spend it with, I hope you have a lovely day!

Discover these products and more on: NEAL & WOLF (UK)

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This blogpost is in collaboration with Neal & Wolf UK. Products featured within this post have been gifted to me, with the intent of a review/feature on Jellybluesblog.co.ukAs always, my thoughts & opinions shared within their post are 100% honest and my own. Thank you! Enquiries: Please email: Jellybluesblog@gmail.com

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