Stila ‘Eyes Are The Window’ Soul Palette (Review)

How  b e a u t i f u l  is this palette?!
Around Christmas time (last year) I saw this palette in Marks & Spencers on the Stila Cosmetics counter. I’d always wanted to try a Stila eyeshadow out – as the Stila One Step Correct is my absolute holy grail when it comes to make-up primers! SO with that thought in mind, I decided to take this palette to the tills.


Stila Cosmetics have four different ‘Eyes Are The Window’ palettes to choose from. There’s: Tone, Mind, Soul and Spirit, and out of the four I found to prefer more shades within the Soul palette, which is why I went for this one. There are twelve shades within this palette, ranging from matte shades to some more sparkly ones – so there’s a good mix to choose between. With so many different shades, I also find these to all combine and work together very well, which (to me) makes this palette very versatile and very handy to have within ones make-up collection. I can count on this palette for creating many different looks, and use it both in the day OR for a more fancy, evening look too.

The eyeshadows themselves are very easy to work with, as to apply and blend. They are also very pigmented, with a soft, creamy and buttery texture (formula). I like to apply these shadows with a few different brushes but always find a dense shader brush (or my finger) to be the best application method for really packing on that colour and creating a very intense, dramatic look. As you can see this palette is full of warm tones, consisting of mainly browns, orange-toned browns, bronzy shades and a few berry toned eyeshadow. For me this is the perfect type of palette, as I’m MUCH MORE of a warm-toned gal! I ALSO have to quickly mention that the pan size of each eyeshadow is decently sized! I mean, £30.00 for 12 eyeshadows is expensive BUT at least they’re well sized PLUS they’re all shades that you can actually use!

What do you think to this palette?!

Thank you!
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