YSL The Shock Mascara (Review)

Perhaps you’ve heard of this mascara before?!
This is a new mascara by YSL Beauty and after finally getting my hands on one, I HAD to share my thoughts on it with you all.

This mascara’s claim to fame and explanation for being called ‘The Shock’, is that it gives your lashes ‘shocking volume, intensity and the ultimate volumising false lash effect’. This mascara also states to give ‘a shocking overload of black’, which if true MEANS that this mascara is going to suit me down to the ground, as I don’t like wearing falsies but LOVE the effect that they can give!

Let’s begin with the packaging. It’s black and metallic pink. It has the YSL logo embossed on the lid and a very appropriate shattered look typeface running down one side of the tube. I’d also say that the mascara wand is just the right length and the brush head itself is sort of long in size with an almost hourglass shape. Overall, I would have to say that I LOVE the packaging of this mascara and approve of it entirely.

After wearing this mascara each day for just over a week, I can tell you instantly what I think of it.

I ABSOLUTELY love this mascara and have found myself reaching for it each and every morning when applying my make-up.

This mascara goes onto the lashes comfortably, pretty smoothly and if I’m honest relatively easily too. I mean, you can’t help it with some mascara’s can you? – when applying it can press against your FRESH eye make-up OR the side of your nose BUT this actually applies onto the lashes pretty neatly (thank goodness!).

It gives my lashes the EXACT look that I desire, as it gives length, a flattering curl and a beautiful intense volume! My lashes also appear quite fluttery but dramatic, which is exactly what I want. YES, I look like I’m wearing mascara BUT actually I’m happy about that because if I didn’t, what would be the point?! I want people to see my lashes… I want them to look at them and think ‘are those falsies?! and this mascara really does help to achieve that!

On more than one occasion, I’ve found this mascara to make my lashes appear quite clumpy, although I can’t say that it really bothers me. This mascara gives amazing volume SO you have to expect some thickness (don’t you?!).
All I can say about this, is when applying the mascara try to separate your lashes with the brush using the zig-zag motion. 

As the day goes on this mascara lasts well. Of course (like the majority of mascara’s) it droops a little, although I wouldn’t say it’s anything that disastrous! I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone who wants a false lash effect without actually applying any falsies!

What do you think to this mascara?!

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