A Brow Product I HAVE to tell you about!

The NARS Brow Defining Cream.

I remember writing once, that dip brow pomades, brow creams, brows gels (whatever you want to call them), weren’t my cup of tea. As I just couldn’t get on with them AND to top it all of I must have attempted outlining, filling ‘in’ and ‘doing’ my brows with the stuff more than forty times! Although, you have to admit it – brow creams aren’t the easiest of products to work with. Especially if you get your hands on a drier formula type. BUT since practising like my life depended on it, and trying all sorts of application tools to put it on with. I’m now (hopefully) in the right direction to cracking it once and for all.

Over my time, I’ve tried both drugstore brow creams and higher-end ones. In comparison, there isn’t a clear winner… not to me anyway. As I really like using the Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade (in Medium Brown) AND the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (in Chocolate) is also a clear favourite of mine.

With feeling more confident in using cream based brow products, I decided to invest my money in a brand new brow cream – which, just so happened, to be by a brand that I also adore… NARS. NARS is responsible for some of my favourite makeup products. From NARS Sheer Glow to the Audacious lipsticks, I have a lot of confidence in this brand. With that in mind, I was looking forward to giving their fairly new Brow Defining Cream a try. SO, I ordered my shade (EL DJOUF) from Space N K’s website and received the product around six-seven weeks ago.


My reason for reviewing this product today, is purely down to the fact that I really like it AND because of that, I thought that some of you may also be interested in hearing more about this brow cream?!

Firstly, I have to say that the packaging of this product is “VERY NARS”, and anyone who is familiar with NARS Cosmetics will know exactly what I mean by that. The lid has that classic matte black finish, with the simplistic but very contemporary NARS logo displayed on the top, in white. The tub is then clear, and made out of what I can only imagine is glass (but I may be wrong – this could, by all means, be a tough plastic?). Inside you get a descent amount of the brow formula itself  – OR 2.9g to be precise. The amount of brow cream you get with this product is probably on average – as I have some other brow creams containing a little less but then a few others containing just a slightly bit more.

It’s very difficult to say for sure, as to why I like this product SO much! I guess, it’s mostly down to the fact that it’s very creamy and the formula has just the right consistency – as it isn’t thin but then it isn’t TOO thick either. This product also collects and applies onto my brow area with my chosen brush really easily and very nicely. In fact, it has to be the best brow cream I own in that respect!

OH… and BY THE WAY my chosen brush to use with this brow cream is the ‘Real Techniques Bold Metals Angled Liner Brush’, as the bristles on this brush are quite silicone’y, and I think this is ideal for cream based products. The feeling and texture of the bristles on this brush are also just right, as there’s a perfect balance between the softness and how firm they are. This brush is comfortable to use but with that added firmness, it doesn’t bend all over the place. Making it an ideal application tool, for achieving those sharp, crisp lines which are definitely in fashion at the moment.




Apart from how this product applies, it also looks really nice once on my brows. As the formula is very pigmented, very creamy and incredible smooth, so it’s able to fill in sparse brows like mine really easily and just incredibly effortlessly too. This product also blends really naturally, as I always like to brush my brows through as I’m applying the cream, with a separate spoolie brush. My reason for mentioning this, is because I have found other brow creams to crumble, go bitty or in fact brush completely out in the past – but I don’t find this product to do that. Along with the formula itself, the shade I have is a perfect match for me  – which is now something that I consider very important. With having bleach dyed (ash blonde) hair, it’s important to me to make sure that my brows are neither to blonde, to red or to dark, and thankfully this shade matches perfectly to the colour of my natural brow hairs!

BUT forgetting everything that you’ve just read, I have and will continue to use this exact product every other day for the indefinite future. As it’s definitely the best brow cream that I currently own and have in my make-up collection. It lasts incredibly well throughout a typical day, it’s relatively smudge proof, as well as being more or less transfer proof too… SO in all, I couldn’t ask for anything better… could I?

What do you think to this brow cream, which types of brow products do you like to use?!

Thank you!
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