February 2017 Beauty Favourites

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Am I excited?! Yes…. BUT also no, because who actually enjoys getting older?! Especially when your ‘IN’ your twenties and only getting further and further away from your teens…. certainly NOT me.

Last month, I was lucky enough to get the chance to try some new beauty products, that I instantly fell in love with using and am still in fact loving till this day! Some of which aren’t mentioned in this post because in all honesty, I don’t feel like I’ve been using them for long enough yet and I wouldn’t want to tell you my first impressions on a product in my February favourites! I’ve also just recently had some new products delivered to my door – and I’m really looking forward to trying them out and then sharing my thoughts on them with you all here on my blog! BUT apart from discovering new products, I can’t say that anything particular happened to me personally during February, WELL nothing to actually write home about shall we say. Although, I very gratefully got my hands on a beautiful new bomber jacker by Tommy Hilfiger. You know the one thats in collaboration with Gigi Hadid? It’s SO beautiful. I love it. In fact, I’ll leave a link for it below – just in case you want to check it out..

Here are the beauty products that I was loving throughout February!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

I don’t know what it is about this cream that makes me like it SO much. Honestly, I can’t put my finger on it. I just really, really enjoy using it and have in fact asked for a full-size tub for my birthday (which just so happens to be THIS month ?).
SO what’s it like? Well the cream itself is quite thick, it isn’t sticky at all and it really melts and absorbs into the skin nicely. It also has quite a floral scent to it, which I admit makes no difference whatsoever for your skin but it does make the overall feeling of using this cream just a little bit more luxurious. My skin is naturally and normally dry, fairly dull and sometimes a little red. This cream does help to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised, plus I really like how this cream gives my skin a very healthy looking glow after using it.

Optrex Activist 2in1 Eye Spray

If your like me and spend a huge amount of time each day on a computer (or staring at a phone) then I can pretty much guarantee that somedays your eyes do feel the strain. Since using the computer A LOT more I like to spray a few spritz of this over my (closed) eyes – during the end of the day (every other day). For me, this spray has really helped. I don’t like to use it everyday because somedays I wouldn’t say that I’ve been on the computer long enough, and I wouldn’t want to use this spray just for the sake of it but for those days when I’ve been sat at a computer pretty much from 8:30 to 4, this spray is a massive relief and it certainly helps my eyes with that horrid dry, irritated and tired feeling.

(Disclaimer – Please read the safety guidelines on the instructions before using this product)

 BECCA First Light Priming Filter
Instant Complexion Refresh

Becca First Light Priming Filter – Jellybluesblog Review

Have you read my review?! NO? Then you need to. This is the primer that I was (and still am) reaching for each and everyday throughout February….
I love it!

Illamasqua Beyond Perfecting Illuminator
Shade: OMG

YES. I have a new favourite highlighter. It’s true… everyday I think to myself I need to use something different but everyday I turn to this. It was my found favourite during February, as I suspect it will be during March too. It gives my cheekbones, brow bone, cupid bow and basically anywhere else a pleasant (light shimmery) glow which appears quite subtle but also very pretty at the same time.

Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation & Concealer
Shades: Alabaster and Breeze

Review coming to Jellybluesblog soon

WOW! This foundation is amazing. I wore the darker shade, out of the two which I own, everyday when tanned and I absolutely loved it! The foundation itself has quite a thick formula but then I wouldn’t call it heavy or one that suffocates the skin. It’s also very easy to apply, with the large doe-foot applicator and with that it’s also incredibly easy to blend! I like to use a damp beauty sponge. The only downside to this foundation for me is that the lightest shade available isn’t light enough – and because of which I still can’t wear this foundation alone on a normal day without any fake tan on.

Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow
Shade: Gold Goddess

Review coming to Jellybluesblog soon

I’m literally obsessed with this glitter liquid eyeshadow, I wore it on a night out a little while ago and got so many compliments whilst wearing it.

 Potential Favourites….
NARS Brow Defining Cream
BareMinerals Nude Gen Matte Liquid Lipstick – Swag
Tarteist Lip Paints – Rosé & Bestie
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Which beauty products were you obsessed with during February?!

Thank you!
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