The Fanciest Lipsticks EVER?! | ft. Christian Louboutin

Lipsticks come in all different shapes and sizes. Take MAC for example, they’re lipstick is iconic, mainly because of the way it looks. That sleek, bullet shaped packaging may be used by other brands and other companies… like Gerard Cosmetics BUT ‘let’s face it,’ which brand would you compare this packaging too when asked?! I know I would say MAC every time. Along with a particular style of lipstick packaging, you also get those brands who want to create something completely unique and outrageously different… and to be perfectly honest, I can’t blame them! Having a product that looks different… that looks special, draws people in, which of course means money.

One brand that I KNOW do this exquisitely well are Christian Louboutin (surprise, surprise). Louboutin is a brand that’s adored and admired anyway, regardless of his lipsticks. I know when I think of Louboutin, shoes always come to mind, and I’ve never even seen a pair in the flesh. Ages and ages ago, I came across some of the Louboutin beauty range whilst browsing on These products imprinted on my mind from first sight, and I’ve been desperate to get my hands on one since that very first day.


Days, weeks and definitely months later, I ordered two online. One for myself and one for my mum, who instantly fell in love with the design too. We each went for a shade that we knew we could wear all of the time, as ‘what’s the point’ of having a loving looking lipstick but never having the chance to actually use it?

Shades – above: Petal Rose • below: Rose Du Desert

We each went for a Sheer Voile Lipstick, as this lipstick offers ‘endless nourishment, whilst also giving a radiant colour and a luminous shine’. This lipsticks formula in-particular is also ‘enriched with natural oils and seed butters, which help to hydrate and moisturise whilst also coating the lips with a beautiful hue of colour’. One other thing that I feel I must point out, is that this lipstick formula is made without paraben, mineral oil, DEA or phthalate.

The packaging.
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the design… I mean, just look at it. This isn’t just a lipstick. It’s a piece of art with a stick of lipstick inside…. that just so happens to be in fact the actual thing that your buying.

It’s over the top, it’s dramatic, it’s outrageous BUT that’s what makes this lipstick beautiful. No this isn’t a lipstick that’s easy to store away or even to display. It’s awkward, it’s weighty and it’s also pretty huge but would you love it just as much without all of these things?! I know I wouldn’t have even brought it let alone looked at them online. There’s no doubt about it. This lipstick is a statement piece, as it’s the type of product that people would look at, if you began to apply it to your lips whilst out in public….


My thoughts.
I have to begin my review with saying that these each apply onto the lips like a dream. The texture of the formula can only be described as silk like, as they glide on effortlessly, easily and incredibly comfortably – if only every lipstick applied like these! The shape of the lipstick itself is also pretty good. I would recommend a lip liner beforehand, if your all about those sharp lines and a perfect pout BUT for everyday use I just apply the lipstick straight onto my lips and find this to work out very well.

The Sheer Voile Lipsticks are OF COURSE all about injecting moisture, hydration, nourishment, colour and luminosity to the lips. With this you have to expect a little texture to be on your lips BUT I can confirm that it’s nothing bad. To describe the feeling of this lipstick on, I would say that it’s sort of like a lip balm? As my lips feel tacky but definitely not sticky. I can also confirm that these lipsticks do not bleed but they will transfer and they will smudge if caught or pressed against something. Unfortunately, these aren’t long-lasting either and you will need to reapply your lipstick as the day goes on (particularly after eating and drinking), but as these aren’t described as long-lasting I wouldn’t call that a negative in the slightest.

Would I recommend this lipstick and would I say that these are each worth their hefty price tag?! HMMMMMM… that’s a tricky one because I really love mine. I love displaying it on top of my lipstick tower, whilst also having it their to use. I ADORE the intense moisturising shine and luminosity that it gives my lips, as I know that this is going to be a staple look for me during the summer time. Ultimately, I wish that these were long-lasting, as for me this would be the cherry on the cake so to speak. The fact that this lipstick will rub away, it will smudge and it does transfer does put me off wearing it on special occasions but that doesn’t make me like it any less…. because it never claimed to be long-lasting in the first place. I GUESS, it’s ultimately down to you. If your someone who likes to spend a good chunk of your money on pretty pieces of make-up and if your someone who openly collects make-up and enjoys doing it.. then by all means, your not going to regret buying one of these BUT I have to say that there are better lipsticks out there, cheaper ones too. SO if your someone who’s looking for a new holy grail product – for that one product that you’ll buy repeatedly, then this may not be for you, as it’s just as much about the packaging with this product that it is about the lipstick too.

What do you think to Christian Louboutin’s lipsticks, is designer make-up a step to far?!

Thank you!
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