Hourglass No.28 Lip Treatment Oil

This has to be one of the most luxurious pieces of skincare that I personally own.
And retailing at around £34.00, it has to be one of the most expensive pieces of skincare that I own too.

Biting the bullet and purchasing this lip oil wasn’t something that I found easy to do at all. I was toing and froing for absolutely ages, and in all honesty, sent myself a little crackers too. I guess, I was just concerned that this lip oil wouldn’t live up to expectations, and with such a hefty price tag attached to it, I didn’t want to waste a ridiculous amount of money on something so trivial. Even if a good lip oil is hard to come across.

Space N K were also offering £15.00 off when you spent £60.00 or more online… which was very much appreciated let me tell you.

Hourglass No.28 Lip Treatment Oil - Hydrating & Anti-Aging

The Packaging.
Why do you do this to me Hourglass?!
Is this lip oil didn’t look the way it does, I would be £34.00 richer.

It just looks SO, so cool. I’m not even someone who uses the word cool.

It’s fancy looking, it’s contemporary and unusual and it’s just so luxurious.
And I love using this product just because of the way it looks, how it works and how it feels too.

It’s very portable and extremely handbag friendly – although this one sits very safely on my dressing table
(because I were to loose this, it would break my heart – which let me tell you, is definitely not an exaggeration).
This lip oil treatment is also very lightweight, which I have to admit did shock me slightly at first because of the packaging, I thought from looking at pictures that this may have a bit of weight to it but it doesn’t.

because this lip oil has a 24kt gold-plated, anti-bacterial tip!
Which not only elegantly and extremely sophisticatedly applies the gorgeous lip oil treatment itself to your lips!!!
but it also provides a soothing a very cooling feeling, whilst also being very safe to use because of that anti-bacterial factor.

SO YES the added 24kt gold is a pretty luxurious thing to do, and yes it looks stunning and yes I agree, it may seem a little excessive BUT this 24kt gold tip is providing the best form of hygiene, which for a product that goes around your mouth – is something that you should definitely consider.

My Thoughts.
This is a beautiful product, there’s absolutely no doubt about it.
This oil treatment applies onto my lip area very easily, very smoothly and extremely effortlessly.

In fact, let me just put some on my lips right now… 

The consistency of this lip oil is actually pretty thick but then it’s also quite jelly-like too in texture.
With this I find that as I begin to wear this oil treatment, my body heat helps to melt and break the treatment down, which ultimately results in the product feeling a lot more slippery, a little more tacky and just overall more ‘wet and oily’ in consistency on my lips.  

Because this formula has a blend of 14 essential oils; from 10 plant oils, 4 vitamins and a load of other good stuff. I feel like I’m doing my skin and of course my lips in-particular good when I wear this, which I know isn’t the best sum up of my thoughts, and it certainly isn’t the most technical of descriptions but honestly this is how I feel when I wear this! I feel like my lips are cheering when this is being applied, because in all honesty, it feels very good indeed.

My lips feel plump, hydrated and as silly as this may sound, full of life too.

I also have to mention that this lip oil feels like a thick clear gloss – which was a feeling that I had to get used to because I’m not really one for sticky feeling skincare products… although (right now) my lips have never felt or looked this good.
LIKE, my lips aren’t dry anymore?! and I haven’t used a lip repairing product like Blistex in weeks (perhaps even months?)

One down side that I have to mention because let’s face it, you want to know the full story…
Is that this lip oil takes absolutely ages to fully absorb and dry. Making it a product that I have to avoid using as I’m doing my makeup in the morning, because I wouldn’t be able to evenly apply a lipstick or liquid lipstick over the top of this.
Overall though, this is a great product! I love using it. I love the whole gimmick that this product brings with it and how refreshing and cooling that gold plated tip is! Honestly, I never expected a cool tip applicator to bring me such pleasure, like this does!

What do you think to this lip oil treatment, is it one that you’d consider trying out for yourself?!



    • jellybluesblog
      20/04/2017 / 07:19

      Ooopsie (sorry Sarah) ? It is a lovely product though! X

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