TooFaced Love Light Prismatic Highlighters

When I first caught sight of these stunning highlighters online, I set the release date as an alert in my phone and literally counted down the days until I had one in my hands. TooFaced just know exactly what they’re doing, and I am always incredibly envious of their gorgeously packaged products!

After seeing the also absolutely stunning ‘Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette’ by TooFaced,
I came across the three equally beautiful ‘Love Light Prismatic Highlighters’, which come in three different shades;
‘Ray Of Light’, ‘You Light Up My Life’ and ‘Blinded By The Light’.

The Shades.
Here is how I would describe each of the shades:

‘Ray of light’ – A stunning rose gold shade with tiny sparkly flecks of copper
‘You light up my life’ – A gorgeous champagne gold shade
‘Blinded by the light’ – A breathtaking pearl’y champagne shade

L – R:
Blinded By The Light – Ray Of Light

The Packaging.
I feel like such a bore, repeating how much I love the packaging of TooFaced products BUT these are SO blooming cute!
They each come in a different colour of mirrored (metal looking) packaging, which are shaped like hearts. I also love the style of heart that TooFaced has chosen, as the hearts are actually three-dimensional in appearance.

Inside, there’s another mirror, which I can’t say is all that much of an essential, as it isn’t the clearest of mirrors nor the biggest. The highlighter itself is shaped as a heart, and the pressed design of the powder has a clear prismatic print on the top with then TooFaced’s iconic T F logo in the centre. As time goes by, and as you use these highlighters more and more, the print designed which is pressed into the powder slowly starts to disappear.. but this is something that you have to expect.

My Thoughts.
My initial thoughts on these highlighters was WOW!
Because they look pretty on the outside, as well as looking actually pretty on the skin.

They are pigmented but they aren’t blinding, so if your looking for an intense, fully pigmented highlighter then these may not be for you. Although they definitely appear on the skin and are build able, so you can either have your highlighter looking a little more natural OR with a few more layers applied, you can look like your actually wearing a highlighter.

I also have to mention that these powders are quite finely milled, which definitely helps and is a reason for the highlighters appearing a little more natural on the skin,
ALTHOUGH I have occasionally seen some chunkier looking pieces of sparkle on my face.

Overall, I have to say that these are now two of my favourite highlighters to use.
I LOVE how they look, how easy they apply onto the skin with a highlighter friendly brush of course and most importantly how pretty they look. The glow that each of these highlighters gives my skin is just right, as I don’t like a highlighter to appear to intense but then I like to see that I’m actually wearing one.

What do you think of these highlighters by TooFaced, which is your favourite shade?

Thank you!
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