Why i’m obsessed with cushion compacts at the moment

Cushion foundations are no longer unique, as there’s now a wide range of brands, from drugstore to higher-end, who produce a cushion foundation of some sort. The first cushion foundation that I actually tried was by Lancome, and as much as I liked the product then, I didn’t really understand how to use it properly, which ultimately meant that I wasn’t getting the most out of the foundation!

For anyone who doesn’t have a clue what I’m going on about, then I should probably say what a cushion compact actually is…
A cushion type product is basically a shallow, porous sponge which has been soaked in a liquid style of foundation (or CC Cream, bronzer… etc), and then placed in a plastic compact type of packaging. Usually, a cushion product is best applied with a sponge but nothing is set in stone, so be sure to use whatever makes life easier for you.

A little while ago now, I purchased two of LÓréal’s new beauty products
– the LÓréal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation and the pairing LÓréal Paris Glam Bronze Cushion Soleil.

Unmistakably, these products headed straight into my makeup storage unit when I got home, and didn’t see the light of day for at least a couple of months. I guess I was scared to use them… which sounds ridiculous now I know, but still true at the time.

Around mid-February, I decided to give my makeup stash a bit of a clear out…
binning some of the old stuff and giving away the more descent stuff to my family and friends.
Whilst sorting through the different categories of makeup that I have, I came across these two drugstore cushion compacts once again! Feeling a little more confident in applying makeup, I decided to place them on my dressing table, ready to use the following day.

A day went by and I soon found myself sat at my dressing table, applying my makeup for the day ahead of me.
After applying my chosen, medium coverage, liquid foundation, I decided to dip into the LÓréal Cushion Foundation. Taking my damp BeautyBlender I pushed the sponge into the cushion of foundation and released. There was a descent amount of the thin formula on my sponge – but how could this do anything for me at all?! After gently dabbing my BeautyBlender around my face, repeating and reapplying the foundation as I went, I found the finish to actually look nice and overall I was pleasantly surprised. I had extra coverage where I felt I needed it, my skin’s texture was still visible underneath and it didn’t appear to be settling in to my fine lines or drier patches!

Next, the bronzer – and for me this was the one that I was most concerned about using.
In all fairness I didn’t really know what to expect, would the colour be to dark? Would it look to harsh, to intense? Would it blend in naturally or would it look like a big brown blob on the side of my face?
I took my BeautyBlender once again and gently pressed the sponge into the cushion of liquid bronzer. Instantly, I could see the product on my sponge but the shade was actually a pretty good match to what I would normally choose.
I then gently pressed my sponge against my cheekbones (whilst making one of those faces – you know when you suck your cheekbones in?!) and left was a small blob of bronzer, which at first, I have to admit I was a little worried about, as it does appear quite intense…

BUT after a few soft swipes and dabs of my BeautyBlender, I soon appeared naturally bronzed and a little more contoured!

My Thoughts.
I have to tell you that I just adore these two products…
I use them practically everyday, when I wear makeup, and still love how they apply and appear on my skin.
The foundation covers those little imprecations beautifully, whilst also adding a little bit of extra coverage where I feel I need it most. I also have to say that this would be a great foundation to use on the go, as you could even keep one of these in your handbag – to top up your makeup as the day goes on. This foundation is also build able, so you can pop it on and it won’t appear cakey or heavy on the skin PLUS it remains smooth as the day goes on.
The bronzer.
You know I have to admit it – out of the two this is my favourite!
As it gives my pale skin tone just the right amount of warmth, whilst also slightly contouring my face too. I guess, in all fairness, this is one of those products that would perfectly  match with a ‘no makeup look’, because it appears so elegantly natural on the skin. It’s also a great product to use as it doesn’t need setting, it doesn’t seem to smudge or transfer and you can even apply more product over the top of it if you so wish.

These two products would be ideal travelling companions in my opinion, as they’re lightweight, they give the complexion a great coverage and colour and they feel really lovely to actually wear – which is of course the most important thing!

What do you think to these two products, are cushion compacts your sort of thing?!


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