Beauty Haul; Makeup Storage, Benefit, BeautyBay & KIKO Cosmetics

 Online shopping could be my worst enemy.
But you know what they say; ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’.

Online shopping is a twenty-first century addiction, that I’m pretty sure we’ve all been guilty of it at some point in our lifetime.
Whether it’s the thrill of buying something new or the adrenaline we get from knowing that something is coming straight to our door, in just a number of days, I don’t quite know.

All I do know, is that I very much enjoy online shopping and fall into it’s trap on somewhat of a regular basis.

Over the last two weeks or so, I’ve been through far too many checkouts and with that have entered my delivery details far too many times. It’s actually pretty embarrassing BUT as I VERY MUCH enjoy a good ‘haul’ post myself, I thought that I would share my beauty themed haul with you all on my blog!

SO first up, we have a few goodies from BeautyBay:

You know when your emptying your emails, scrolling through the ‘junk’ folder just to make sure that nothing’s accidentally found it’s way to that folder instead of your inbox, well.. here is where I made my first fatal mistake…
I came across a delightful little email from BeautyBay, which explained that as they were celebrating an anniversary of some sort, I could get 15% off with the provided exclusive code.

SO I headed over to Beautybay.. just to make sure (of course) AND £30 later, I came away with three makeup brushes and a little eyeshadow product, which I ‘definitely’ don’t need.

New Makeup Storage

To say that I’m loyal to my trusty IKEA Alex Nine Drawer Unit, would be a little bit of a lie.
I mean, don’t get me wrong, the unit is ideal for storing quite a large amount of makeup, as lots of different types and sizes of products fit in the drawers amazingly well… and if your someone who doesn’t have a big budget for your makeup storage then this is a great option.

It’s just that this unit doesn’t look the prettiest in my opinion, as it certainly doesn’t fit in with the rest of my bedroom furniture well, and because of this I had been debating over buying clear acrylic storage for weeks and weeks and weeks, as I have been scrolling through Amazon, trying to find the next best thing for me for a very long time before now.

Then I came across these pieces of acrylic storage on Amazon, and my thoughts and feelings changed instantly.
I simply had to have them. I could imagine how they’d look, where my makeup would all sit and how easy it would be to have all of my makeup right in front of me and right to hand.

I decided to get a three drawer unit, a six tier cube and the eight tier cube – as for me these seemed to make the most sense, in regards to where they would sit on my dressing table and how much makeup I have altogether to put in them.

*I will leave the links to all three of these pieces below – just in case your interested in checking them out for yourself.


Another email came, which resulted in me doing something very naughty indeed.
I was sat there innocently, looking through my emails and next thing, I was buying a cheek parade palette and a little lipstick set by Benefit (?!).

Benefit also very kindly sent out this gorgeous little selection of mini’s.

KIKO Milano

Lastly, we have a few goodies from KIKO Milano, which is a brand that I’ve not long discovered but currently adore!

I actually picked up a few of their products on Boxing Day last year, as I was in Birmingham for the day and walking past their store. Since then, I have not put their limited edition peach blush down – it’s GORGEOUS and by far my most favourite blush that I own.

From visiting their store more recently, I decided to pick up a few more treats that I’ve been seeing all over Instagram!

AND that concludes this little beauty haul, I hope you enjoyed looking at all of the goodies that I’ve recently picked up!
Please let me know your favourites in the comments below.

Shop my beauty haul:

*Links for Amazon – Acrylic Storage
6 Tier Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Cube
8 Tier Clear Acrylic Cosmetics Cube
Danielle Socialite Acrylic Beauty Organiser


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