Benefit Cheek Parade Palette (Review)

       Don’t you just love it when a brand brings out a product that’s completely functional and just really easy to use!

When I got the email to say that the brand new Cheek Parade palette by Benefit had just literally become available, I was over the moon. I remember stopping whatever I was doing at the time and heading straight over to the Benefit (UK) website to buy my (perhaps) latest obsession.

Inside the palette there’s five (full pan size) products. Including; Hoola, Galifornia (which is one of Benefit’s latest creations), Rockateur, Dandelion and the also brand new: Hoola Lite.

Personally, I really wish Benefit had included their brand new highlighter in this palette, instead of that standard little powder brush! I feel like this brush sits in place of what should be a pressed powder, and more pacifically the Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter. It would have been really lovely to have the brand new highlighter in this palette, as it would have definitely completed this collection and brought another aspect to this palette entirely. I would have also been prepared to spend the extra to complete this collection and get the highlighter, as I know some other people would have liked to do to.

(Please bare in mind that I have used fake tan prior to taking these swatches)
Swatches (L-R): Hoola, Galifornia, Rockateur, Hoola Lite & Dandelion

You know I have to begin this review with saying that this palette’s packaging is divine – which isn’t that much of a surprise. Is it.
Benefit are masters of beautiful packaging, and this ones certainly not a let down either. When you open the flip up lid to this palette, the glorious smell honestly hits you! Which I think is down to the Galifornia blush –  but then, it could be a combined mix of them altogether.


I feel like the Hoola bronzer has been part of Benefit’s beautiful family for absolutely ages!
Hoola is a very warm-toned bronzer, which blends incredibly effortlessly, thanks to its pigmented, soft formula.

Unfortunately (for me) this is one bronzer that I don’t actually get a lot of use out of, for the simple reason being that it’s far to dark and orange-toned for my natural (un-tanned) pale skin tone BUT thankfully, Benefit have now created Hoola Lite, which has the same glorious formula as the original Hoola – except it’s lighter in colour (yippee).


I have the brand new blush by Benefit.


Over the last couple of weeks, I have been seeing this blush everywhere online, and personally been desperate to test this out and swatch it for myself.

This is a very pigmented blush! Meaning, a little goes a long way. When applying this, I feel like it’s important to point out that you only need a fraction of the powder on your brush, and with that you should apply it with a very light hand indeed – and trust me because I’m talking from experience. The shade of this blush is pink, actually a rather intense pink truth be told. Although, when turned and focused in good lighting, this blush will reflect a golden tone, making it a beautiful one to use with a good old tan or with a subtle makeup look.


I remember receiving a tiny sample of this blush ages and ages ago.
I used it all of the time but for some reason could never seem to bring myself to splash out and buy it as a full size product.

The blush itself is very pretty, as the colour has a slight golden tone to it but then it’s also quite peachy and pink’y at the same time. I’ve also noticed a few tiny speckles of golden glitter in this blush, although these are minuet and certainly not instantly visible. The blush has a slight reflective glow to it but I wouldn’t personally say that it’s anything too intense.
Paired with a subtle contour, I know that this blush can appear lovely on the skin!

Hoola Lite

Thank Goodness!!! Benefit have finally brought out a more subtle and lighter bronzer shade, because I really enjoy using the Hoola bronzer when I’m a little more tanned.. and that’s for the formula mainly.

Hoola Lite is the most perfect shade for my natural skin tone because it adds just a touch of warmth to my skin without appearing to peach-toned or warm or orange. Just like Hoola, this bronzer applies and blends effortlessly, with just a simple angled powder brush or large fluffy brush.


I have been wanting to try this particular blush by Benefit out for absolutely ages, but could never quite bring myself to spend around £25 on one single blush, that I wasn’t actually completely in love with at the time. Since owning the Cheek Parade palette, this is the only blush that I’ve been using. I’m literally in love with it! Against my pale skin tone this matte blush sits so lovely on the skin. As it’s subtle with just the right intensity of pink and it adds a really nice splash of colour to my cheeks.

Above, I am wearing Hoola Lite on the contours of my face and Dandelion on the apples of my cheeks.
As you can see, I have only used a very light hand when applying each of these powders but that doesn’t mean to say that they couldn’t appear deeper and more intense in saturation.

Overall, I would HAVE to confirm that this is an amazing palette to have in ones makeup collection.
If your someone like me, who would never pay out £24.50 for one single Benefit blush or bronzer, then this is an amazing product to snap up why you can because it really does save you a heck load of money!

What do you think to this palette?!




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