Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara (Review)

Over time, I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of designer brands who decide to create makeup, alongside fashion, aren’t doing it entirely for the right reason. With some higher-end, designer pieces of makeup, it’ll be more about how they look on the outside rather than the actual quality of the product itself. Although, one brand that I can confidently say are an exception to this statement is Dior, as I’ve personally tried, use and own quite a few different products by Dior, and love each one of them very much.

With my confidence and love for Dior Beauty ever growing, I’m constantly coming across new (or existing) products that I would love to try. Recently, Dior launched a brand new product, which is the Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara.
This mascara claims to give the lashes an instant look of oversized volume. As it’s said to be a mascara that takes very little effort to apply, with also being one that will work from any angle of application. Lashes are described to appear XXL, which is a look that I always desire to achieve. SO with this in mind, I thought that I would get my hands on one of these mascaras, and let you know my thoughts on it, as to whether it actually does what it claims to be able to achieve.

To begin my little review, I have to tell you that the design aspect of the packaging and working of this product is completely innovative as far as I’m aware, as I’ve never seen anything like this product before.
The tube and packaging of this mascara is literally the same as any luxury type of mascara out there.. BUT THEN there’s a part of it that’s soft and squishy?! and that part of it, you are actually suppose to squeeze and put pressure on?! This design aspect completely throws me off guard because it actually works and looks normal… but it definitely shouldn’t! I just can’t get my head around it. How can a few parts of a tube feel like rubber but then the rest of that same piece of packaging feel hard and rigid?!
Pat yourself of the back Dior because you’ve got me.

Before applying this mascara onto your lashes, you are suppose to lightly squeeze the squishy area of the tube, as this softly warms up and softens the ultra-volumising formula which is inside. With softening the formula inside, by squeezing and putting pressure on the squishy area of the packaging, it is also suppose to help coat the brush applicator evenly with the creamy formula.

Over a number of weeks and with a number of different styles of looks, I’ve been testing this mascara out!

To begin, I would have to disagree with the descriptive word of ‘creamy’, because by no means do I find this mascara to have a creamy formula. Instead, I would confidently say that this mascara has a very sticky and tacky formula, which sometimes is a good thing and other times (like when your in a rush) is an absolute nightmare.

This mascara will apply pretty evenly, although, I wouldn’t call it fool proof – because I’ve definitely caught my lid with the wand a few times! I would also have to say that because of this, I wish Dior had used a synthetic brush with actual hairy bristles, because this applicator is plastic and I don’t usually tend to get on that well with plastic applicators.

Above all else,
I can tell you that this mascara does volumise my lashes. It will curl them slightly as well – although I would always recommend using a pair of lash curlers beforehand, to really boost the shape of your lashes and lift them too. I would also have to say that this mascara will enhance your lashes visual thickness, as mine always appear just a little bit more bolder and thicker overall. One thing that I have to mention again however, is that this mascara has a plastic brush applicator, and I am definitely not a fan of plastic applicators, as I have never found them to coat my lashes the same or as effectively as a synthetic type of brush will. Another thing that I’ve come across when using this mascara, is that it certainly isn’t buildable, because if I try and add more than two layers lets say, my lashes will start to droop, appear heavy and actually appear quite short in appearance, which makes no sense at all does it?! With this, I have also noticed that my lashes don’t keep their lifted shape for the entire day. Even if I have curled them prior. For some reason, my lashes have gone flat by the end of the day, they are crispy and stiff and just completely past saving.

I will be continuing to use this mascara, as (the majority of the time) I do like how it makes my lashes look.
Although, I can’t actually see myself repurchasing this mascara, as I much prefer my Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara by far, and would choose this one over the ‘Pump ‘N’ Volume’ any day.

What do you think of this mascara, would you try it out?!
Also, I’d be interested to hear which your favourite mascara is in the comments below.

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