KKW & Kylie Cosmetics Collab! Créme Liquid Lipsticks

         I think it’s fair to say that I’ve resisted temptation for long enough.
Even though I’d always told myself no when it came to Kylie Cosmetics, and not for any reason in particular, only that there are other costs to consider when buying something from the US but living in the UK.

Days before these liquid lipsticks became available I couldn’t make up my mind. Should I buy them or shouldn’t I?!
One minute I was setting a reminder on my phone and the next minute I was adamant that I definitely wasn’t going to get them.

10:59pm… one minute to go.
Checking the Kylie Cosmetics website on my phone couldn’t hurt, could it?! After all, I wasn’t going to be buying them, was I?!

Once loading had commenced, the Kylie Cosmetics website had sneakily placed me in a cue; the cue to purchase the brand new Kim Kardashian liquid lipstick set in collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics. The set holds four beautiful nude shades, which all have the créme liquid lipstick formula, which Kim supposedly had a huge input in. I’ve also heard that this is a brand new formula for Kylie Cosmetics, as Kim wanted to put her own stamp completely on this collaboration.

The Packaging.
You know the packaging is going to give you goose bumps. If Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner have anything to do with it after all.

The KKW créme liquid lipsticks come as a set of four, which justifies the rather hefty price tag in my opinion.
The four lipsticks arrive in a beautiful baby pink box, which I would say is good quality and quite sturdy too. In fact, if I was someone who liked to display certain pieces of my makeup, then this would definitely be up there!

The liquid lipsticks themselves are packaged in what I can only imagine is frosted clear, acrylic tubing, as it seems like an imitation glass of some sort to me. They each have Kylie’s distinct design feature of dripping liquid lipstick running down the tube, which I think is very appropriate, as it definitely links the collaboration with the already popular brand! With this, I also love how Kim has turned this collaboration into her own little piece of art, keeping in line with her sister’s brand but also making this set a little bit more unique to herself, as the whole set is (light) baby pink themed.

As I’m sure you’ve already heard,
Kim has also named each one of these liquid lippies after herself, which I don’t see a problem in whatsoever. I’ve heard some people slating the shade names BUT it’s a name of lipstick after all, does it really make that much of a difference?! Part of the reason that anyone buys something from Kylie Cosmetics is because they are the Kardashians, a famous family with a HUGE social following. SO, why shouldn’t she name them after herself?!

The Créme Lipstick Lipsticks
As I don’t actually watch or follow ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ myself, I couldn’t actually say as to whether the shade names resemble anything or not. Although, after speaking to one of my best friends, who also just so happens to be a walking Kardashian dictionary, I have been informed that these are all names that Kim is used to hearing on a regular basis.


Kimberly is the most nude shade out of the four, as I would describe the shade as being a light peachy, beige nude.


Kim is the most pink shade out of the four, as I would describe the shade as being a light pink nude, with a slight peachy undertone.


Kimmie could well be my most favourite shade out of the four, as it’s the darkest shade within the collection. I would describe this shade as being a dusky rose nude.


Kiki is another one of my favourites, although it is definitely a shade or two lighter than Kimmie. I would describe this shade as being a light rose nude.

One thing that I have definitely noticed and found strange about these liquid lipsticks is the way in which they apply onto the lips. For some unknown reason, the doe foot wand applicator on each of these lipsticks doesn’t apply the formula as you would normally expect it to. The formula actually applies more evenly, with a better coverage and with a little more pigmentation when used the other way round. Which is odd to say the least. When using the doe foot applicator ‘normally’, I find these lipsticks to apply quite streaky, quite unevenly and with very little pigmentation too. Although, these lipsticks aren’t hugely pigmented anyway, they give a nice balanced colour, although a little sheer.

Another thing that I’ve definitely noticed about these liquid lipsticks is the fact that the excess formula seems to build up quite heavily around the edge of the lips. This isn’t something that I would call a disaster though, as it certainly wouldn’t be a reason for me to not want to use these lipsticks on a regular basis either. It’s just a little bit of an inconvenience to say the least, as you definitely have to go around the edge of your lips after applying one with either your finger or a brush to blend out the built up product.

These créme liquid lipsticks are however incredibly comfortable to wear. As they have a créme based formula rather than your typical matte one, these don’t leave your lips feeling like dried out prunes, especially by the end of the day.
Instead, wearing one of these lipsticks will give your lips a slight glossy appearance, which doesn’t feel tacky nor sticky either. Although, your hair will stick to your lips in the wind, which is something that I definitely have to consider prior!

The one downside that I’ve personally found to these liquid lipsticks having a créme formula though, is that these lipsticks are not long-lasting in the slightest.

They will definitely transfer, they do smudge and they definitely rub away after a drink or something to eat. I guess, it’s not a problem if you are used to reapplying a lip product throughout the day, because these really are incredibly comfortable to wear, partly to do with it’s lightweight silky formula.

Would I buy these liquid lipsticks if I knew then what I knew now, you know what I probably would.
For not only their beautiful packaging, these liquid lipsticks have a completely unique formula type in my opinion. Especially when considering the fact that I don’t own or have anything like these in my makeup collection already. I completely understand and relate to the fact of it being a negative, that these aren’t long-lasting nor are they smudge proof or transfer proof but they have such a lightweight and comfortable formula, that I have to overlook the negative! They also have to be the only liquid lipstick that I own, that doesn’t dry matte in finish, making it practically impossible for these to ever feel dry or tight on the lips.

What are your thoughts on the KKW colloboration with Kylie Cosmetics? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Love, Jess




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