Marc Jacobs Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Spray

Marc Jacobs Re(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist
24 Hour Setting Perfection
Glowing Hydration
Coconut Delight

Anyone who likes window shopping online, will fully understand what I mean when I say that it’s a dangerous game.
Instantly, I saw two setting sprays and another collection of goodies on Sephora that I would love to try! Although, unfortunately for us in the UK, we then have to pay UK import tax and international shipping on top of our already hefty priced order…. and as much as I love makeup, it would take a lot for me to over pay for a product! Regardless of the brand and availability.

When I first saw that Marc Jacobs had realised a setting spray, I was delighted!
As I have dabbled with a few different Marc Jacob beauty products over my time, and was very intrigued over what this product could do for me in particular. Just to make you fully aware also, some of the Marc Jacob beauty products that I’ve personally tried are wonderful whilst others aren’t completely my cup of tea.

THEN, this product came to the UK. Making me eternally grateful for trusting my own judgement and not purchasing this setting spray from Sephora instantly. The Marc Jacobs Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist is priced at £25 from John Lewis, which is definitely a hefty price for a setting spray, isn’t it?!

On first use, I can tell you that first and foremost my expectations were very high. After waiting for this product to come to the UK, I was really hoping that this would be a remarkable product indeed.

Marc Jacobs say that this setting mist will give the complexion hydration, a healthy looking dewy glow whilst also promising a fresh-looking face of makeup all day! Although, after using this product for a few weeks, I can tell you now that I am unfortunately, rather disappointed with this product.

The sun may be shinning but rest assure, I’m not extremely sweaty in the picture above!
It’s less than a minute since spraying the Marc Jacobs setting spray over my entire face, and hopefully you will be able to see the outcome of this setting spray and how it sort of makes the skin look.

Even when it comes to the application, I am very disappointed with this product. Partly for that reason being that it has such a powerful spray that my face is literally dripping wet afterwards. It’s actually pretty ridiculous to tell you the truth. I have never known a setting spray to have such an intense spray before, as this does also kind of take my breath away as I begin to spray this around my face too.

Along with the torrential spray itself though, there are a few other negative things that I’ve personally found when using this setting spray by Marc Jacobs. One being the formula. I don’t know why exactly but this setting spray is incredibly wet, which I know sounds bonkers but after spraying this on my face I literally feel wetter than when having a shower. It’s mad!

Also, this setting mist literally takes around ten minutes to dry too, which is again crazy. I know ten minutes doesn’t sound like a huge length of time but it’s not like you can even do anything to pass the time. If I move around and scrunch up my face a little with expressions, I can get heavy crease marks appear and set in my makeup, which is definitely not ideal! Even the use of a hairdryer does nothing! On the odd occasion, I will use my hairdryer after using a setting spray, particularly if I’ve only applied my foundation at that stage and therefore waiting to apply the rest of my makeup. When using a hairdryer over the Marc Jacobs setting mist though, my skin will remain wet and tacky. Nothing will make this mist dry quicker and it’s even difficult to determine when the skin is dry or not too because the skin is literally tacky from start to finish.

This coconut setting spray will leave a pretty uncomfortable tacky feeling on the skin, and when I say uncomfortable, I don’t mean that it hurts or itches or feels bad for the skin. I just mean that I personally feel quite conscious about my skin and my makeup… because my makeup is certainly not transfer proof or smudge proof like you would expect it to be after using a setting spray or setting mist.

SO, if you didn’t know already, then I should tell you now that I have dry, sensitive skin. I have never had to deal with an oily complexion, only dry and problem areas.
When using this setting mist in particular, it’s like my foundation is acting as a barrier between the mist and my skin. Excess spray just seems to sit on top of my skin, almost as if it can’t absorb. It’s so strange because my skin actually appears over dewy, especially as the day goes on. It even gets to the point where my skin is looking oily and shiny, and this is certainly nothing that I’ve ever had to deal with before, and if I’m honest I really don’t like it either.

On the hand though, I have discovered that this is a lovely product to use in the middle of the day, as it sort of acts like a refreshing spray. I’ve found that after spraying my face a few times with this, I feel cooler and more refreshed, which works out well because of course this isn’t going to disturb my makeup or make it melt in anyway. I have also tried this setting spray when not wearing anyway makeup and much to my surprise, I actually liked it, because it gave my complexion radiance and just a really nice cooling feeling of hydration.

Overall, I would have to confirm that I would never use this product as a setting mist straight after or whilst doing my makeup. Mainly because it seems to make my complexion appear oily and feel tacky, especially as the day goes on. I would however consider packing this if I was going abroad somewhere warm (or if the UK decides to pass the 22 degrees mark). As it is a lovely product to use to refresh the skin when it’s feeling suffocated by the heat of the sun. With coconut also being a main ingredient, this is also going to help with adding moisture and hydration into the skin, which is always a good bonus!

What do you think to this setting spray by Marc Jacobs?!

Love, Jess



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