A Hair Mask I HAVE To Share With You All!

Getting your hair coloured is one thing BUT making sure that your keeping on top of that colour,
i.e. by keeping it looking fresh and healthy in between visits to the salon is certainly another.

Personally, I would say that having your hair dyed blonde could perhaps be one of the most high maintenance colours to have. After all, so much can go wrong when having your hair dyed blonde. Especially over time.

Hair can become very weak from over processing which can turn brittle, especially when using heated styling tools too, and then there’s the brassiness to deal with – which actually comes quite easily; just by being exposed to regular sunlight.

What would I recommend?
First of all you want to make sure that your having your hair cut regularly. I’ve always been advised to have the dead, dry ends removed, as it supposedly encourages hair growth, whilst also helping your hair to look and feel a lot more healthier too. Along with this, I would also certainly recommend avoiding heat when possible. Which I know is difficult, believe me, I’ve struggled altering how I style my hair in the mornings too. Before, I used a pair of straighteners everyday. Now, I use the straighteners maybe once or twice a week, depending of course on where I have to go and what I’m up to on that day. I would also most definitely recommend the use of a hair oil and heat protective spray before using any heated styling products! Even if I choose to let my hair air-dry I will always use some heat protective spray on towel-dried hair, just for peace of mind.

To battle the brassiness, there’s hundreds of different branded silver shampoo’s and conditioner’s to choose from.
Personally, I find the blue toned, purple shampoo’s and conditioner’s to work better for me. As often the bright purple ones will leave my hair looking a little bit patchy and just a little bit purple-hued overall, which is definitely not ideal for me, as I want my hair to look fresh, clean and pure. You don’t want a silver shampoo and conditioner to change the colour of your hair either, only neutralise the brassiness and revive the beautiful colour.
If you know of any good silver shampoo’s & conditions please let me know in the comments below!

Lastly, we find our way to the treatments and hair masks section,

Since having my hair dyed such a bright blonde all-over, I almost feel like a hair mask is part of my weekly chores list, and I say chore in the lightest form possible because it’s a chore that I actually very much enjoy. I’ll use a hair mask perhaps once or twice a week. Sometimes three but certainly at least once a week!
My hair mask stash includes a good range too, as I have ones for coloured hair, ones for damaged hair, ones for adding moisture and hydration and ones for colour damaged hair also.

One hair mask that I personally, haven’t long discovered, has honestly changed the whole condition of my hair, which is why I HAD to share it with you on my blog!
The Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment Rescue Créme Mask is for damaged, and extremely distressed hair, and I absolutely love it. I first purchased this mask maybe two or three weeks ago… but now my first tubs literally about empty. I have been using this twice a week and my hair has definitely transformed for the better.

I can tell you that my hair feels completely different after using this hair mask in particular, which isn’t a feeling that I’ve instantly felt after using a hair mask in such a long time. My hair literally feels weightless after using this mask. It feels light, bouncy and just so airy, which I know is perhaps a strange term to use but honestly my hair feels like brand new.

The texture of my hair after using this mask is something that I also really adore, because it feels so much more softer, smoother and just a little bit silky too.

Before using the Dove Regenerate Nourishment Mask this morning my hair was feeling a little bit sorry for itself shall we say. It looked distressed and it also felt a little bit straw-like too, which was horrid to say the least. SO, I showered, washed my hair with shampoo and a neutralising conditioner briefly, jumped out of the shower and spread around a palm size blob of this mask over (and through) my hair. Ensuring that I was really messaging the mask in and covering my whole head of hair from root to tip thoroughly. Letting five minutes pass by, I easily and quickly jumped back in the shower and washed all of the soapy goodness out. Even whilst washing this mask out of my hair in the shower, I could instantly feel the transformation in the texture of my hair. It is such an addictive and lovely feeling, if only every hair wash was the same.

My hair also smells divine after using this. Dove are experts at scents in my opinion, and this one certainly doesn’t let me down either. In fact, this could well be the nicest smelling hair care product that I own at the moment!

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What are your thoughts on this mask, does it sound like something that would be good for your hair too?

Love, Jess




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      08/06/2017 / 09:20

      No way! Thank you so much!! (You’ve literally just made my day) ?xx

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