Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation (Two Shades)

We’ve all seen this foundation right? It’s the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer in one.
It claims to be 100% fragrance free – which is great for those of us with more sensitive of skin, as well as giving a moderate to full coverage – depending of course on how much you choose to apply. It gives the skin a natural – matte finish, with an oil-free formula, whilst also being lightweight and moisturising too. The unique applicator that this product has claims to be perfect in a number of ways, as you can either apply foundation for a full-face or spot-conceal, which is handy if you have any blemishes that you want to hide.

Before I begin to tell you my thoughts on this foundation, let me first tell you my skin type and a little information about it as far as that goes – because your skin type will definitely affect how this product sits and appears on the skin, as well as how well it lasts throughout a typical day.

I have dry, sensitive skin and because of this I have to moisturise daily.
If I didn’t use a moisturiser or a similar product on a day-to-day basis, then my skin would start to gain dry areas, particularly around my nose, in my eyebrows and on my chin. As well as a moisturiser, I constantly find myself feeling the need to use an hydrating primer of some sort before foundation, as my skin seems to always feel like it needs some sort of an hydration boost!

Moisturiser and primer used before application:
Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer – Shade: 0.5 Breeze

Shades, L-R: 2 alabaster • 0.5 breeze

I understand that whether you choose to use a moisturiser before applying a foundation should never define the quality of that foundation AND should never determine whether that foundation is a good product or not. It’s only because I’ve noticed such a huge difference with the use of both a moisturiser and primer beforehand that I felt like this needed to be outlined clearly in this review.


In terms of application and finish this has to be one of the strangest foundations that I’ve personally ever come across, and that’s honestly because I have two opinions on it, based on if I decide to use a moisturiser or not.

If I use a moisturiser before using this foundation, I know that I’ll love it.
The formula itself will blend into the skin really quite beautifully, whilst also leaving a really nice looking natural finish too. It will give me a lovely looking even coverage, that conceals imperfections, including the lighter freckles that I have. Even my nose area – which is the one part that suffer’s the most with dryness appears smooth and pretty much flawless – if I do say so myself anyway.

That’s not the best part though, after around eight hours of wear this foundation still looks amazing. Obviously, by eight hours it has been on the face for a good chunk of time, so you have to expect a little wear around your nose maybe and mouth, although this still looks really, really good. On my forehead, my skin looks again FLAWLESS, which isn’t always normal because a lot of foundations can settle into fine lines and dare I say it wrinkles… although, I’m only twenty-two so I don’t actually have any visible yet… thank goodness.


When I haven’t applied a moisturiser before the primer my thoughts on this foundation are an complete and utter different story.

For some reason this foundation will not want to blend into my skin, as the formula seems to dry quicker than with the use of a moisturiser, which ultimately means that this foundation can end up looking quite patchy in different areas. I will also instantly notice the drier areas on my skin, as this foundation will settle onto those dry patches within a few minutes… and that’s definitely not ideal. Another thing that I really dislike about this foundation when I don’t use a moisturiser prior is it’s length of wear… on my forehead this foundation will eventually settle into every fine line and every crease, which makes me feel awful and dare I say a a little unconfident about my appearance.

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It’s strange isn’t it?! That this one foundation is responsible for two completely different opinions by the exact same person. I’ve never experienced such a difference in opinion so far and wide. Literally, using a moisturiser before the primer will give me exactly the opposite opinion on it when I don’t use a moisturiser?!

Although, I can tell you that in general and regardless of whether I use a moisturiser or not, this foundation has a fairly thick formula, which can be applied well with the use of a damp Beautyblender or beauty sponge. I also HAVE to mention the applicator because I LOVE IT! It honestly makes everything SO much easier, as I can literally swipe a few lines of this around my face and blend away. It prevents product wastage, and a foundation stained hand which in turn saves a face wipe too! Ultimately, it would be great if the majority of foundations used this type of applicator.

What are your thoughts on this foundation,
are you a fan of Clinique cosmetics?!

Love, Jess


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