Lancome Matte Shaker Liquid Lipstick (Review)

“Shaking up the rules”

There’s no doubt about it, this IS the most extraordinary looking liquid lipstick that I’ve personally ever seen let alone used.
From the packaging of the lipstick itself, to the fact that you have to shake it literally up and down before use – I have been really enjoying using this product lately… and here’s why.

The Packaging

The Lancome Matte Shaker Liquid Lipstick’s packaging is SO incredibly unique in my opinion… and because of this I HAD to try it out for myself. Mainly because I’d never tried anything like this product before and I really wanted to see how this product would work for me in-particular.

The shape and size of this lipstick is probably one of the best things about it in my opinion, as I really like how petite but also chunky it is. It’s an ideal product to pop in your handbag for the day ahead as it’s really lightweight and small too. This would even be a great product to take away travelling or even just keep at home in your usual makeup storage place. It’s handy, comfortable to hold and just a really nice product to use in my opinion. The packaging itself is also very sturdy and secure, which is always a positive when it comes to a liquid lipstick in my opinion!

Moving on to possibly the main attraction of this liquid lipstick? – the cushion applicator.

The cushion applicator in-particular is honestly ginormous – especially once compared to the overall size and shape of the whole product itself. Although, the cushion applicator is honestly incredibly easy to work with and apply the formula onto this lips with. I guess, I’m still a little gobsmacked truth be told because when I first saw this in the flesh, my first reaction was ‘oh my goodness, what have I brought’… BUT I can confirm that I am able to apply this full coverage liquid lipstick onto my lips in less than a minute… honestly, Lancome have done well here.

Shade: 270 Beige Vintage

My Thoughts

As first impressions go, I have to be honest I didn’t think that this product was going to be for me.
I imagined that this was going to be another one of those makeup gimmick FAILS – which I’d stupidly just invested my money into. This is however one of the nicest looking liquid lipsticks that I own.. and that’s definitely saying something, as liquid lipsticks are one of my favourite types of makeup products to invest my money into and of course use on a regular basis!

Shade: 270 Beige Vintage

(Please excuse my very pouty picture above –
it’s just the only way I could properly show you the shade and the lipstick itself in use).

The unique and very soft cushion applicator that this product has evenly spreads the gorgeous liquid’y but also creamy formula over my lips effortlessly. The formula appears instantly smooth and just really pigmented overall.

To begin with, the formula of this liquid lipstick on the lips is very liquid’y (but not runny) and just a little wet too. Over a minute or so later though, your lips will start to feel a little drier, as this product definitely sets into place, leaving a beautiful matte finish behind. Another thing to quickly mention is that although this product has an incredibly lightweight and thin formula, you can still feel the formula itself on the lips because of the matte finish that this lipstick has. My lips certainly feel a little tighter than before because of the matte finish – which isn’t a bad thing at all – just one that’s definitely worth mentioning just in case you don’t like that sort of thing at all. Don’t get me wrong though this isn’t an incredibly drying product at all, as my lips can definitely withstand the texture – and this is one of the better ones I’ve tried by far!

I guess I’m still a little baffled truth be told… in fact,
I’ve just literally had to apply some of this on my lips – just to make sure that I wasn’t making this all up.

This just applies onto the lips SO blooming well… like, seriously! How does it do it?! The huge cushion applicator applies the formula evenly and smoothly. It reaches all areas of my lips well – even if I do have to take my time around the corners and narrower parts of my lips. It gives my lips a nice shape, and a crisp, defined line?! and although Lancome recommend the use of a lip liner too, I can’t say that I personally have ever needed to use one with this.

There’s no doubt about it, I am SO impressed with the outcome of this product!

From having to shake the liquid lipstick up and down before use to actually applying it onto the lips…
I can’t say that there’s anything about the application that I dislike.

Although, if I did have to comment on a negative, then I could only say that this lipstick is not long lasting in the slightest.
You put it on… eat something maybe and then the inner part of your lips is bare. The lip colour seems to rub away so easily in different parts, which means your therefore left with an outer lip stain which I can’t say looks all that appealing.
SO, yes this is a lovely product but it has to be re-applied hourly.

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What are your thoughts on this product, have you tried any of the Lancome Shaker’s yet?!

Love, Jess



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