Marc Jacobs RE(MARC)ABLE Full Cover Foundation Concentrate (Review)

What are my thoughts on a £37.00 foundation?

A designer brand of foundation is never going to be cheap, so I think a hefty price tag has to be expected, to a degree of course. Although, with the hefty price tag and the designer label, I expect the quality of the foundation itself to be superior and for it to bring something a little extraordinary to my makeup collection and complexion.

Having been intrigued over the Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Coverage Foundation for actually quite a few months prior, I decided to finally take the plunge and get my hands on one. When it came to the shade, I decided to go with one that I knew I could wear throughout the year, regardless of if I had a tan. So, I went with the shade: 10 Light Ivory, with this also being the lightest shade available as far as I’m aware. The shade: 10 Light Ivory is suited for a pale complexion with a yellow undertone, and even though you can warm the complexion with the use of a bronzer etc. I would personally not be able to wear this foundation after a spray tan, as it would definitely be too light then.
There is however a huge and rather varied shade range for this foundation, as John Lewis UK stock at least twenty-two shades.

Product Information
(Sourced from John Lewis UK)

According to Marc Jacobs Beauty this is a 24-hour, full and flawless coverage foundation concentrate, and if your wondering what a foundation concentrate is, then I can tell you now that it’s basically a foundation that absorbs oil, camouflages imperfections and delivers a long-lasting, velvet-matte finish. This foundation also claims to have a revolutionary, oil-free formula which contains twice as much pigmentation as a leading full-coverage foundation. With this it also states to be “emulsified with groundbreaking ingredients so the smallest amount completely covers with dot-on perfection”. Ultimately meaning, that ‘a little goes a long way’.

The Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Coverage Foundation includes jojoba, sunflower, acacia and mimosa extracts which state to improve blendability. With this it also says to have patented golden mica which claims to deliver a superior radiance to the complexion.

The Packaging

You know the packaging is going to be Instagram worthy…
Marc Jacobs always deliver a beautiful array of packaged products.

The foundation bottle itself has to made from a tough plastic… although it definitely aims to appear like frosted glass. The applicator is also rather unique, as it isn’t a dropper nor a pump but a type of wand instead. I actually really like the applicator that this foundation has, as you can either apply the foundation directly onto the skin (not the most hygienic way I know) or you can place it onto your dish/tray or the back of your hand really quite easily. I would also have to say that I like the wand type applicator because it gives a lot of control in regards to how much product you use and of course how much product you waste!

My Thoughts

After a good few months of testing this foundation out and wearing it on a mixture of different days and occasions. I would like to tell you that my thoughts on this foundation are a mix between good and bad. As quite rightly stated in the description this foundation gives the complexion a practically full-coverage appearance, as it blurs out lines, hides freckles whilst also ensuring that your complexion is even and one overall shade.

To be perfectly honest, ‘flawless’ instantly comes to mind after I use this foundation.

Depending on the level of full-coverage that I want to create, I will either use my trusty Beautyblender, dampened (of course) or the Artis Oval 8 Brush, and even though a Beautyblender is my preferred application choice with any foundation, I do sometimes like to use the Artis Oval 8, as I find this really enhances any full-coverage foundation and pushes it to the max!

SO as first impressions go, what can I tell you about this foundation?
WELL, instantly the very thick formula stood out to me, even on first use.

It’s true this foundation has a very thick formula, which strangely and much to my surprise is still a liquid type.
Often with thick formulated foundations, they can often have quite a mousse’y consistency but this definitely doesn’t.

With the thick formula though, this foundation blends really beautifully and actually pretty easily too with either of my preferred application tools. I think it’s also important to confirm that the chosen application tool doesn’t made the slight bit of difference to the finish of this foundation for me, as this has a very matte finish regardless of what I use to blend it into my skin.

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For the first few hours of wear this foundation appears lovely…
My skin will look practically flawless, with an even, full coverage which doesn’t look shiny or dry on the skin.

BUT after around three hours of wear, it’s appearance and finish on my skin takes a turn for the worse because the foundation looks worn. On my chin particularly, the foundation begins to break up and separate, as it appears a little heavy and cakey but also rather dry and suffocating too. One reason for this could of course be that this foundation has an oil-free formula. For those of you like me who suffer with sensitive/dry skin, normally you would want your foundation to include a little oil – for the sake of your skins hydration and moisture level.

I also have to say that to touch, my skin feels pretty dry and dehydrated when wearing this foundation, which is slightly strange because my skin doesn’t technically feel dry or matte in finish – In fact, it doesn’t really feel like I’m even wearing foundation to be honest, it’s just when I touch my face with my fingers that I notice the dryness.

After around six hours of wear,
This foundation has separated and broken down a lot more, particularly on my chin, around my nose, on the top of my lip and on the apples of my cheeks too.

(Please note – the lid has been blurred using Photoshop, due to reflection)

To be perfectly honest, I don’t hate this foundation. In fact, I do actually really quite like it. The unfortunate thing is that I wish I liked it more, because it’s such a hefty priced bottle of foundation and because of that I really wish I could use it a lot more regularly than I get to do currently. I guess, I wouldn’t choose to wear this foundation in-particular for an entire day – especially on a special occasion that is. For a few hours of wear though, this foundation would be one that I would definitely consider as it can look really lovely on the skin, whilst also giving the complexion a really lovely soft-matte finish.

What do you think to this foundation?

Love, Jess



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