OVER-HYPED?! The Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun and Fearless Palette | Ciate London (UPDATED)

After missing the opportunity to get my hands on this palette the first time around, there was no way that I was even contemplating missing the chance to buy this palette yet again!!

I, personally have a lot of respect for Chloe Morello, as I love watching and learning from her YouTube videos. I think Chloe is an amazing makeup artist and talented influencer, who really deserves the opportunities which are given to work with such popular brands, like Ciate London.

I purchased this palette on the day of it’s second release from the Ciate London website, although I can tell you now that this is still available to buy, as I’ve just literally checked! 19/06/17.  It retails for £39, which I’m not hugely shocked about to tell you the truth… I mean, it’s practically the standard nowadays for any palette which isn’t by a drugstore friendly brand, isn’t it?!

The Pretty, Fun and Fearless Palette holds fifteen gorgeous shades; ranging from mattes, shimmers and metallics. I would also have to say that this palette has a good mix of both warm and cool toned colours, making it ideal for anyone – regardless of whether your a warm toned gal OR if you prefer more of a cool toned eye look!

I’ve been using this palette literally every other day since first getting it through the post – in fact, some weeks it’s been the only palette that I’ve turned to and used.

Today AND on the morning that I decided to actually sit down and write this post, I decided to conduct a little experiment for myself…
With absolutely no other makeup or beauty related product on my face I decided to prime just one of my eyes, using the NYX HD Eyeshadow Base. I then applied a selection of shadows from the palette – just like I normally would when using any eyeshadow palette AND by this, I mean; starting off with the lightest shade, moving onto a little warmer colour for my crease and so on and on. To apply each eyeshadow onto each eye, I used the exact same brush each time and with that the exact same application technique, just to ensure that everything remained the same and therefore fair. During my little experiment I can tell you now that I definitely noticed some differences in regards to how these eyeshadows applied, how they appeared on my lids, their pigmentation and their overall finish and appearance.

My eye with the primer worked and looked a whole lot better than the one without a primer in my opinion!
The overall finish was a lot smoother, there was slightly more pigmentation in the shadow itself and just a much more even coverage overall.

 On the day of this experiment the un-primed eye wasn’t good in my opinion. It seemed like every shade appeared patchy (or maybe it was just me?) as once blended, I also found the colour had faded too?! When looking and working over the un-primed eye, I also have to tell you that I was a little disappointed with what I was seeing which was a little shocking truth be told because I definitely didn’t expect it. Rest assured though, with a touch of primer underneath, this palette is workable and definitely wearable, as the eye look I managed to create with the primer used first came out really quite pretty indeed!

The darker shades in this palette are however quite patchy, which is a little disappointing also.
The purple shade (Day Dream) did not want to work for me when I was conducting my little experiment and that was regardless of whether my eye was first primed or not. Don’t get me wrong, Day Dream is a gorgeous shade – and you can wear it regardless, although the patchiness is something that you definitely want to consider prior, with regards to what primer or base you should use. I completely understand that purple in-particular is a very difficult shade to make, as the pigment can be quite temperamental, although I have to mention what I feel and have found when using this palette and of course the more negative side to the darker shades like Day Dream that are in it. This is again just my personal opinion and certainly not the only truth, as everyone has a different opinion… and quite rightly so!


All of the following swatches have been applied with a dry MAC 233 brush…

Left > Right:
Skinny Dip (Matte) • Unconditional (Matte) • On Fire (Matte) • Queen Bee (Matte) • Shine Bright (Metallic/Sparkle)

(Top)Left > Right:
Vaycay (Metallic/Sparkle) • My Tribe (Matte) • Be Sassy (Matte) • Jet Setter (Matte) • Happy (Metallic/Sparkle)

(Top)Left > Right:
Dainty (Metallic/Sparkle) • Fierce (Metallic/Sparkle) • Flirt (Matte) • Day Dream (Matte) • Own It (Metallic/Sparkle)

The following metallic/sparkle swatches have been applied with a wet MAC 233 brush…

Left > Right:
Shine Bright • Vaycay • Happy • Dainty • Fierce • Own It

I wanted to show the metallic/sparkle shades in particular and on their own as they look SO different and much more beautiful in my opinion when applied with either a wet shader brush or a brush which has first been sprayed with some sort of setting spray. I absolutely adore these metallic shades (when wet) as they bring such a gorgeous element to any look… as the colour is full-coverage, even, smooth, buildable and definitely intense, dramatic and very glam.

Whilst we’re discussing the metallic shades in-particular, I feel like I should definitely also mention that these can appear very different when applied onto the lid with a dry brush! In fact, when applied with a dry brush these appear very sheer indeed, and for a sparkle loving gal like me, I could even go as far as saying that these alone are a little disappointing truth be told.

Although, if your not one for a blinding lid of glitter and sparkle then this palette may be perfect for you…
WELL if you stay away from the wet brush lifestyle that is!

If you are HOWEVER a sparkle loving queen, then get spraying because these are UNREAL once applied with a wet brush!!!!

Overall, I would have to say that this is a nice palette to own but certainly not an essential in my opinion.

The eyeshadows do blend nicely, although I have found them to appear a little patchy at times, with those definitely being the more darker shades from the collection too. I would also have to say that the formula of the eyeshadows sometimes impresses me whilst other times actually slightly disappoints me. It’s strange because someday’s I find the texture and formula of the eyeshadow really nice, as it’s creamy, buttery and soft WHEREAS on other day’s, I can find these to apply and blend awfully. They can feel dry, powdery and a little chalky, which I KNOW doesn’t make any sense?! I’m even baffled to be honest. Although one thing that I can definitely vouch for is the kick up and fallout that these eyeshadows bring. You definitely wouldn’t want to swirl your brush heavily in the pan – not unless you wanted a loose powder form of the shadow itself anyway!?!

Based on everything that I’ve found when using and wearing this palette, you know I could only possible come to the conclusion that this is an over-hyped product BUT by no means, does that mean that this is a bad product or one that I don’t enjoy using! I actually really like this palette, and love knowing that I have this in my makeup collection to use whenever I like! If I were Chloe I would be SO incredibly product of my myself for bringing this palette to the makeup industry. Seriously, because the metallic shades are stunning, the lighter mattes work beautifully with a primer and the shade combo is perfect in my opinion. YES it has some flaws… but don’t we all?!

What do you think to this palette?!

Love, Jess



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