*Testing Beauty Products All The Way From China!

*This post is in collaboration with tosave.com

 Part of the excitement of being a beauty blogger is having the chance to try all kinds of different weird and wonderful products.
From indie brands, international ones, drugstore and of course the luxurious ones that like to bankrupt us…
I love having the opportunity to test and try them all when offered the chance!

A month or so ago, a lovely lady from tosave.com got in touch with me, because she wanted to know if I would like to try some beauty products all the way from China…
and of course, I did!

After scanning the website, I soon discovered an array of all kinds of different beauty products that I would love to try. The products are all INCREDIBLY cheap too…
LIKE I’m talking absolute bargains, and for that reason alone, I would definitely recommend anyone to check their website out.

From the overwhelming array of products;
a twelve piece set of lip liner pencils caught my attention, as well as a twelve piece set of glitter eyeshadow eyeliners and finally a twelve piece set of makeup brushes.

I’ve been using these products over a good few weeks now,
which is why I’m bringing you this post today.

The Makeup Brushes
Twelve Pieces Pro Makeup Brushes Set Eyeshadow Eyeliner Foundation Cosmetic Tool

I have to say that I was a little shocked at the quality of these makeup brushes. I mean, we’re talking about twelve brushes here for the price of $3.48 – YES!.. It doesn’t make any sense does it? How are they SO cheap! The quality of these brushes is actually pretty good to say the least, don’t get me wrong their not RealTechniques quality or anything along those lines but there not bad! If I really had to, I would definitely make do with these brushes, especially if my brush buying budget was incredibly low.

Out of the twelve, I would have to call the large fan brush my favourite. As I really like how this applies and disperses highlighter onto my cheekbones.

They are all very soft brushes too, especially to touch, although the blending brushes are a little flexible, which I know sounds like a positive but for me it really isn’t. A blending brush should have slight movement shouldn’t it, but these seem to have just a little bit too much movement, which makes using them a little bit of a struggle because I can never seem to blend my eyeshadow flawlessly every time. In fact, my eyeshadow can appear a little patchy after using one of these blending brushes, especially if I haven’t given it a good amount of time.

The Glitter Eyeshadow Eyeliners
Twelve Pieces Colors Glitter Lip Liner Eyeshadow Eyeliner Professional Makeup Pencil Set

Out of everything that I chose from tosave.com this set of eyeshadow eyeliners has to be favourite out of them all!!!

I am SO impressed with the quality of these eyeliners it’s actually pretty unreal.
With this, I would happily compare the quality of these eyeliners to be similar to a brand like Urban Decay, as they glide on very easily with a soft, smooth and incredibly creamy formula, whilst also lasting pretty much for an entire day too.

They’re also a very versatile product to have in your makeup collection because you can use them in a number of different ways.
For example, these can be used to tight-line, in your waterline, as a standard eyeliner, as an all-over lid colour once blended and used in combination with a number of different shades for a really colourful, festival inspired look.

The Lip Liners
Twelve Pieces Lot Colors Professional Waterproof Lipliner Lip Liner Pencil Makeup Set

The set of twelve lipliners was a pleasant surprise.
Of course I had an idea of what to expect and that there was going to be twelve in the pack but even so, it was nice to actually see that these are full-size (or at least to a size that I would expect) and the packaging, etc is to a pretty good standard too.

After using these lipliners continuously over the last few weeks, I can firstly recommend the use of a lip oil prior, as these do feel a little rough and dry on just bare, dehydrated lips. With this, I can also find the colour to appear a little patchy in areas, particularly if my lips are dry. The pencils themselves seem very similar to a standard drawing pencil – which could be the reason that these feel a little cheap in quality too… BUT I mean – LOOK AT THE PRICE. What do you expect?! They do however have good pigmentation, with even the lighter nude shades being included in that too. The pigmentation isn’t overwhelming though, but just right in my opinion, especially when considering their price.

This set of lipliner pencils would make a good alternative to a dearer brand in my opinion or if your someone who’s on a budget. You could never expect these to be to the same quality as ones like MAC, and just to confirm these are certainly no where near that quality but they are good for their price and do the job nicely. Unlike MAC, these are lipliners that need to be reapplied throughout the day, because after eating, drinking and just generally talking and all that kind of thing, these do rub away, which is something that I have to say, I definitely expected. In a way, I couldn’t class this as a negative because these don’t claim to be long wearing, so it would be a little unfair of me to state this as a negative although it’s certainly something that you may want to consider either way.

Overall, I would have to say that I am impressed with the quality of each one of these products! As they are certainly a lot better than I ever expected them to be. When you consider their price, I don’t think you could really label anything as a negativity – unless of course they were useless! Based on my experience and thoughts on each one of these products, I would have to recommend tosave.com, as a website to definitely first check out and research further into!

What are your thoughts on these products all the way from China?
Have you heard of tosave.com before, let me know in the comments below.

Love, Jess


This blogpost is in collaboration with tosave.com. Products featured within this post have been gifted to me, with the intent of a review/feature on Jellybluesblog.co.ukAs always, my thoughts & opinions shared within their post are 100% honest and my own. Thank you! Enquiries: Please email: Jellybluesblog@gmail.com

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