The REAL beauty products I couldn’t live without.

A swatch of a super pigmented highlighter is ALWAYS going to get my attention, that’s a given BUT when it really comes down to it, could I live without the use of highlighter… absolutely not.

There is however a bunch of products out there that I know I would definitely struggle without in my day-to-day life!
With this in mind, I thought that I would sit down and actually share a collection of products that I definitely rely on daily – as unfortunately these types of products seem to go un-noticed in the beauty industry, and I definitely use them in my everyday live without even a second glance.

Before I begin,
PLEASE note that these are all products that I’ve found to suit me personally – and that definitely doesn’t mean that they are going to be perfect for everyone or going to suit everyone too. Be sure to always source further information and advice about any of the products featured in this post – and definitely don’t just take my word for it!
Seek medical advice etc. with a pharmacist or even doctor.

Eye Drops

Since being told that I need reading glasses, I definitely consider my eyes health and importance a whole lot more now. Not that I didn’t before but I think until your told, you just take your eyes for granted. Well, I certainly did anyway.

When I’ve been sat at my computer all day or if I’m writing or even reading, I like to use eye drops of some sort in the evening (within my skincare routine). To rehydrate tired eyes, which are often pretty itchy and uncomfortable too. At the moment, I’m either using the Optrex Soothing Eye Drops (for itchy eyes) OR the Optrex ActiMist 2in1 Eye Spray (for tired + uncomfortable eyes).

Please always read the instructions before use – and to see if the product is going to suitable and appropriate for you to use.
Be sure to ask a pharmacists for further details and advice.

Face Wipes

I know there’s a lot of controversial thoughts and opinions around face wipes, with some people saying that they are great whilst others saying that they are the worst thing in the world to use on your skin but I’ve personally always been a fan of face wipes, as I’ve been using them since I began to wear makeup around maybe 9-10 years ago.

When I’m feeling lazy I will use a face wipe to take off my makeup in the evening, and I always like to use a face wipe in the morning, after a shower too. Currently in the morning, after washing my face in the shower, I’m using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser Facial Wipes and I’ve been using these face wipes for maybe 4/5 months and am still really enjoying using them! They seem to clean my face nicely, remove any left on, embedded makeup whilst also leaving a really nice hydrating and moisturising layer on my skin.

“Antiseptic and anaesthetic for quick-acting and effective relief of pain from recurrent mouth ulcers, denture-irritation and babies’ teething.”

Now this may be an unusual one to mention – especially to anyone who doesn’t suffer with mouth ulcers personally. Although, for me, this is one product that I definitely couldn’t live without, and always keep close by… just in case.

I must say that my mouth ulcers have never been severe – well, certainly not in my opinion anyway.
BUT I definitely get them occasionally, and whatever their size –  they are painful and very uncomfortable to say the least!
I actually just discovered a mouth ulcer on the fold of my cheek this morning. There’s me thinking it was a sore from brushing my teeth – then when I looked – there it was taunting me! For this reason alone, I realised that this product had to be included in this post because if you get mouth ulcers, this may be helpful to you.

I like to apply this strong smelling liquid with a clean cotton bud, and place and hold the soaking bud directly onto the ulcer. It stings a little don’t get me wrong – but is strange to say that I actually like it when it stings? because then it feels like it’s actually killing it?! The ANBESOL Liquid has always left the area of my mouth ulcer and of course the mouth ulcer itself, feeling a little numb, which is honestly, such a relief because the pain is then practically invisible. I would definitely say that the ANBESOL Liquid helps the pain associated to my mouth ulcers, although I wouldn’t say that this particularly helps to clear them.

Please don’t take my word for it though – Because ANBESOL Liquid may not be for everyone.
Be sure to research and source further information about this product before use! Ask your pharmacists or doctor also for more refined and accurate information about this product.


Being as I suffer with temperamental dry/sensitive skin, I feel like an everyday moisturiser is pretty much an essential for me. One that I’ve really been enjoying at the moment is the LÓréal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Oil-Cream, as it has a really lovely almost lightweight, gel like cream texture, which literally melts into the skin. I really like to use this moisturiser after washing my face in the morning and before applying any makeup, as I find this really plumps and hydrates my skin, which in turn helps it to appear and feel a lot healthier and less dry as the day goes on.

Blistex Relief Cream

I own quite a few lip balms and lip moisturisers, as they will always be a handy product to have close by. I use some sort of lip caring product daily, as I would consider it an essential thing to use. My lips can become very dry, and when this happens they will crack, they can bleed and be very uncomfortable and pretty painful too. With using either a lipstick or liquid lipstick daily too, I think it’s important to treat and care for your lips, just like you would your skin.

The Blistex Relief Cream is one product that again, I have to have somewhere in my skincare drawer. Whether I have cracked lips, incredibly sore ones or if they’re bleeding this is a product that literally gives so much relief when using. I also use this product if my lips are feeling incredibly dry and pretty lifeless, which can often be the case after a very matte liquid lipstick.

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What beauty products could you not live without?!

Love, Jess



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