Buxom ‘Big and Sexy’ Bold Gel Lipstick – Rebel Rose (Review)

Buxom ‘Big and Sexy’ Bold Gel Lipstick – Rebel Rose (Review)

Introducing the latest lipstick to my makeup collection…

Buxom has not long been introduced to both the UK and Ireland, as you can now shop from a wide range of Buxom products on Debenhams…. A Buxom beauty counter has also recently come to the Debenhams in Leicester, which makes me very excited indeed. For SO long, I have been looking and lusting over quite a few different Buxom products online, desperately hoping that one day I could try a number of these products out for myself… and thankfully the time has now come.

Although, for now – I’ve begun with a normal tube style of lipstick and a lovely creamy type liquid lipstick…
just to be sure that it’s a brand that I’ll hopefully enjoy and be a fan off.

After picking up the liquid lipstick that I’d had my eye on for quite a while, I then turned to the collection of gel lipsticks that the Buxom counter I visited had available. The shade range was very generous to say the least, as there was definitely more than one that caught my attention! Rebel Rose however leeched onto my soul.. as the shade of this lipstick is literally ME. I love dusky kind of rose shades, that are pinky but also quite nude and subtle… and that’s exactly how I’d describe this lipstick in-particular to be… plus the shade name is just stunning – I love it!

The Packaging

I actually really like the packaging of this lipstick, as it just screams the words ‘GRAPHIC DESIGN’ to me. Take the font style for example, it’s just so current and on-trend at the moment. Even the simplicity of the lipstick packaging itself is stunning, as the lid just neatly slots onto the other end of the tube via magnet – which also safely aligns the Buxom logo together – completing and perfecting the design.

The Lipstick 

This is a very nice lipstick in my opinion.

It applies really quite beautifully onto the lips with very little effort too.
I also like this lipstick’s texture, as it feels buttery and soft with that gel-type formula which is also described. I would also have to say that it enhances the appearance of my lips – although it definitely does not plump them in anyway. My lips just feel and look slightly poutier I guess but also slightly healthier too, as it leaves a really lovely hydrated sheen once applied.

The only one downside that I’ve found with this lipstick is it’s last-a-bility because this definitely doesn’t last for the duration of a standard day… actually it hardly lasts for a hour if I’m honest. Although, Buxom don’t actually claim that this is a long-lasting lipstick, so can I really judge it for that, I don’t really think so?!

If your someone who doesn’t mind reapplying your lipstick throughout the day, then this shouldn’t be a lipstick that you find any difficulty with, as apart from it’s length of wear I love everything about this product! I love how it looks, how it applies AND not forgetting how lovely it feels once actually on the lips. It’s lovely lightweight texture just sits so comfortably on the lips – as it also covers, evens and smooths out the overall texture of my lips, which is something that I definitely consider an essential in my choice of lip product.

This is a really lovely lipstick to wear throughout a normal, casual day in my opinion, as it’s also great for when you need to nip down the supermarket or pop into town to run a few errands. The shade Rebel Rose just really adds something nice to the appearance of my makeup – without it looking like I’m wearing too much OR really pushing the boat out. Don’t get me wrong, I like an intense and dramatic lip colour somedays but this pigmented subtle shade is something that I also really enjoy to wear on more of a regular, day-to-day basis.

What are your thoughts on this lipstick, have you ever tried anything by Buxom before?!

Love, Jess

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