NEW Givenchy Lash Extension Effect Mascara (Review)

It’s rather ironic how I’m sat here in my pj’s, having just taken off a full face of makeup… now writing this review. As the making of this innovative mascara was inspired by Givenchy’s own high-class backstage shows. Meaning glamor and sophistication, not comfy fluffy socks OR shiny, just moisturised skin that’s for sure.

What makes this mascara so innovative is it’s 90° bendable brush applicator.

Givenchy say that this mascara has a unique stretching formula, which ‘helps to create the ultimate lash extension effect – without compromising your lashes or the customised volume either’. The so-called innovative brush, which is able to bend at a 90° angle also claims to be able to reach lashes from root to tip. Leaving a saturated and seductive rich black coating, which makes lashes appear defined and intensely pigmented.

In all and to clarify, the Givenchy Lash Extension Effect Mascara claims to give lashes an intense length, volume, and definition.

My Thoughts

First and foremost, let me say that the packaging of this product is very clever indeed, as the 90° bendable brush literally bends so smoothly and easily by just a simple plastic mechanism. The mascara itself also has a slight bit of weight to it too, which should be expected by a luxurious piece of designer makeup in my opinion… because you don’t pay £25.50 for a Givenchy mascara for it to feel like a thin, lightweight, cheap tube do you? Strangely, I also really appreciate the fact that this mascara is square but rectangular in shape, and I know this sounds peculiar but every mascara is round or circular these days, so it’s nice that this offers something a little bit different in my opinion.

The innovative, selling feature of this mascara is that it has a 90° bendable brush applicator.

The brush is also one sided, which may sound a little odd and unexpected but this makes total sense to me because I’ve used this product and therefore know that the brush wouldn’t work as effective (when bent) if there were bristles all the way around.

One thing I will say about the 90° bendable brush, however, is that it isn’t the easiest to use with your opposite writing hand OR to apply onto your opposite eye with your correct hand so to speak. (If you get me?) With my left hand (which is the hand I personally write with), this product is really comfortable to hold and therefore use. I am also able to direct and shape my lashes slightly to make them appear a little more fluttery in appearance and cat-eyed in shape. However, with my right hand, the brush whilst bent at a 90° angle is rather awkward to use. For some unknown reason, I always feel like I am going to scrape the brush and deep black formula against my cheek or even poke myself in the eye, which definitely wouldn’t be ideal or fun in the slightest.

The finish of this mascara isn’t all that spectacular in my personal opinion, especially when considering that this is called the lash extension effect mascara as well. By the brush head and it’s style, I must admit that I never thought that this was going to be legendary product nor did I think that this would give my lashes a near to false lash effect – not like the TooFaced Better Than Sex mascara anyhoo BUT at the same time, I must tell you that I expected a little more from this Givenchy product.

I don’t what it is exactly about this mascara BUT at times the formula whilst being worn can just look a little thin and weak. After a few hours of wear, my lashes can appear more spidery than volumised, whilst also looking slightly crispy and dry too. As for the ‘innovative’ 90° bendable brush applicator, I could easily take it or leave it, because it doesn’t really make that much of a difference as far as I can see. In fact, I sort of want to tell you that this mascara works better when the applicator is in the normal upright position. Although, whilst bent to the 90° angle, this does work nicely on the lower lashes, as the thin almost narrow shape of the brush head itself really allows you to coat each lash hair thoroughly.

Overall, I would have to say that this, unfortunately, isn’t one of my most favourite mascaras going. I also have to clarify the fact that this makeup product, in my opinion, is a gimmick because the innovative 90° bendable brush applicator doesn’t really do anything that extra as far as I can see. Does this all make this a bad product? Absolutely not, if anything it makes using this mascara fun and over the top! Which certainly isn’t a bad thing. Although this Givenchy mascara does have a few faults for me personally, I know that I will certainly still continue to use this product on a regular basis, as I definitely do not dislike or hate it in any way, I just wouldn’t repurchase it.

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What are your thoughts on this mascara, would you be interested in trying it out?!

Love, Jess



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    This mascara is so interesting, I have to try it!

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