Introducing GLAMGLOW
A brand that’s also now accessible to buy in the UK.

 Over the last couple of months, I have seen this exciting new product sitting on the Sephora website…
practically taunting me if I’m being entirely honest.
I don’t know what it is exactly about this product that intrigues me so much, all I do know is that I have been desperate to try this out for myself for such a long time before now.

The gorgeous vibrant hot pink packaging screams individuality to me and GLAMGLOWs iconic name of course just completes the fascination too. I currently own two of GLAMGLOWs masks and use them both on a regular basis. I really like how they transform my skin… therefore, I must say, that I have high hopes for this makeup setting spray indeed.

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Based on the fact that I don’t actually know anything about this product in particular,
let’s see what Glamglow actually say about it themselves:

What GLAMGLOW say:
Glamglow state on the packaging, that this is a skincare and makeup product in one.

“A sexy glowsetting water that instantly perfects, and finishes makeup for an instant Sexy Hollywood Glow.”
“Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray is an instant makeup finisher, infused with TEAOXI complex containing green tea, white tea & red tea paired with charged waters & caffeine, that hydrates, energizes & smooths in a weightless fine mist that feels soothing and refreshing.”

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this exciting new product in Debenhams…

YES, Debenhams!

You should have seen my reaction, I was completely overwhelmed, to say the least, as I had literally been debating over buying this exact product for months on end from Sephora… but could never quite justify spending extra on import tax and shipping from the US for just this one singular product alone.

Thankfully though, it’s now available in and on Debenhams. There’s ALSO two sizes of this setting spray available there; this one which is 110ml and a smaller, more travel-friendly one that’s 28ml. I guess the 28ml one would be handy for if you were keen to try this makeup setting spray out first, before committing to the larger bottle and heftier price tag. Although, I decided to just take the plunge and buy the larger 110ml bottle, to begin with, as it is better value for money at some point down the line.

In all, I can tell you that I am a fan of this makeup spray, although I must point out that not necessarily as a makeup setting spray in particular…

The product itself is lovely in my opinion, as the packaging is vibrant and pretty, and it really does stand out once put against all of my other makeup setting sprays. The packaging of this product is also a little surprising to me because it’s literally plastic. The bottle itself can be squeezed and pressed inwards and it will physically move… although this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I just thought that it was worth a mention, as I know some people would find this a little disappointing, as it isn’t a cheap product in the slightest. Overall though, I must say that I am a true fan of the appearance of this product… and wouldn’t necessarily change anything about it, even if I was given the choice.

Based on everything that Glamglow have said about this product, I must say that it meets it’s description practically perfectly in my opinion. Sure the makeup setting side of this product could be improved, but then I wouldn’t say that Glamglow has necessarily advertised it as a product for setting and prolonging the length of wear for makeup anyway…

The spray to this product is, however, one that I really, really like.
With so many setting sprays, the nozzle can really affect how much I like the overall product, and in turn whether I choose to use the product or not on a regular basis. The nozzle on this spray, in particular, is amazing because it doesn’t drench the face or leave it dripping wet – not even if I was to spray continuously for a well over a minute. I guess the liquid inside and the formula itself should partly be given the same credit as I know this is going to sound crazy, but this liquid setting spray doesn’t actually feel too wet on the skin. Well, not in my opinion anyway. Only refreshing and slightly cooling which is really nice!

Overall and in conclusion, I couldn’t sit here and write that this is an amazing, well worth the money product because to be perfectly honest I could easily do my makeup without the use of this setting spray. I also believe that there are other setting sprays available that do a similar, if not, a better job than this one alone. Especially when you consider the price tag of this product compared to others, like Urban Decay. This is, however, a lovely makeup spray to use throughout the day because it feels really refreshing on my skin and just leaves my complexion with a really beautiful healthy glow all over.

Does this set my makeup in place, well (honest answer) NO.
My makeup would definitely still be able to smudge or transfer onto items of clothing given the chance, which is why I would recommend the use of another setting spray, which you perhaps know works well at locking makeup in place. Although, this is a lovely product to use for adding an all over glow to the complexion, as it certainly makes my skin look and feels a lot brighter. You will also be pleased to here that this setting spray doesn’t seem to break down my makeup or make it split – which is definitely a positive isn’t it! Above all else though, this makeup spray smells blooming amazing. Imagine a beautifully clean spa, then think of special message oils and you’ll have this! It literally smells divine!

What are your thoughts on this makeup setting spray by Glamglow?
I’d love to hear which your favourite setting spray is in the comments below.

Love, Jess


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  1. 14/07/2017 / 13:57

    This sounds amazing! I definitely have to try it! Also, since you rave about the smell I need to check it out ASAP!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

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