Worth the hype?! The Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette (Review)

The Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette is highly raved about here, on the internet, which is why this has been sat on the top of my wishlist for a fair few months before now! I guess I had resisted the temptation of buying this palette for a little while, as I already have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette and use that on a regular basis. Although, after a lot of personal debating and thinking, I decided that this could well be a worth while investment… so here I am, now writing a review on it for my blog.

True to the majority of many peoples descriptions of this palette, the packaging is very sophisticated indeed. As the front design features fancy raised lettering and the colours of metallic silver and an elegant matte black. Inside holds a gorgeous, vampy styled mirror, which is clear and very handy too – for either doing your makeup on the go OR for extra close up, detailed attention (if required). The pan sizes within this palette are very generous indeed in my opinion, as they are each large in size and rectangular in shape. I am also very impressed with the selection of shades that have been included in this Kat Von D palette, as the three upper shades include; a flesh tone pink, a banana yellow and lastly a peachy toned colour – which is definitely the darkest shade out of the three. The three contour shades include; a deep ash, a lighter, much warmer ash shade and lastly a deep, almost ebony brown colour – which is more suitable for a deeper complexion as far as I understand. Each of the shades within this palette are heavily pigmented also and although they each blend nicely, a little elbow grease is required in my personal opinion…

Going by personal experience of using this palette, I can tell you that when I use an angled powder brush to apply the lightest contour shade onto the hollows of my cheeks, a rather harsh line of product is visible even after blending, which definitely isn’t ideal. Of course, it is acceptable because not all powders blend within a few seconds. Although, it can be a little scary at times I must say because you NEED a very light hand to apply these indeed! All I can emphasise though, is that you have to be prepared to blend and blend and blend – which isn’t always a big deal, is it?! I guess, the impact of these powders could be due to their intense pigmentation, as they definitely each pack a punch by even just a light dusting.

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Overall, I would have to say that this is a very beautiful palette indeed and although there are a few blips here and there, I still really enjoy using it and placing it within my everyday makeup routine. The powders themselves are very comfortable to wear thanks to their very creamy and soft formula, although, strangely, these powders do kick up in the pan, which is odd considering there very creamy texture. I am very pleased to own this palette and definitely do not regret purchasing it in the first place.

What are your thoughts on this palette, are you eager to try it out for yourself?!

Love, Jess



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