Better than sleep?! The Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer (Review)

Is this concealer truly better than sleep?!

I put this Bobbi Brown statement to the test.

According to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, this is a “full coverage, highly pigmented, concentrated, concealer which instantly helps erase dark circles, feels comfortable and lasts all day”. It is new to the beauty industry and is available to buy in fifteen different shades. As a pale girlie myself, I had to go for Porcelain, as this is the lightest yellow toned shade available from within this collection.

My reason for picking this concealer up from Debenhams not so long ago was purely down to the two words, ‘full coverage’, as I definitely have darker under-eyes which desperately need covering up and ‘concealing’ on a daily basis.

As I’m sure you can see from within my little ‘before, during and after’ trio, which is shown above, this concealer does make a difference to the appearance of my under-eye colouring. I find it brightens this area naturally, whilst also slightly ‘concealing’ a FEW of my freckles too, and this is something that I really enjoy and like about this product.

The Instant Full Cover concealer has a fairly thick formula in my opinion, although it’s nothing like the Tarte Shape Tape concealer as far as I understand, as the Shape Tape concealer by Tarte has an extremely thick formula that is on a whole different level in comparison to this! Bobbi Brown’s concealer applies nicely, however, although, strangely, when I am applying this relatively new tube of concealer – using the doe-foot wand applicator, it feels as though it is nearly empty, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I guess, this product just doesn’t like to come out and apply excessively, which is good in a way as you don’t actually need to apply loads of this pigmented, creamy, gel-like formula for it to make a difference and actually work. It’s just a little odd how sparingly this applies, to say the least, especially as I noticed this on my first ever use of the brand new, out of the box product.

Coverage wise, I can’t say that I agree with the description of this product entirely. As I don’t personally find this concealer to give my complexion a full coverage finish. To me, a full coverage is a finish that looks near to a blank canvas. Meaning that there are little signs of character, i.e. freckles, plus skins texture appears ultimately smooth, even and flawless. After blending in this concealer with my preferred choice of a damp BeautyBlender, I find my under-eyes are definitely brighter and more awake looking, although most of my freckles are still naturally visible and my skin isn’t entirely flawless either. However, and surprisingly to me – especially when considering my reasons for purchasing this concealer in the first place, none of this is a problem, as I don’t necessarily like this concealer for those reasons anyway. I like this concealer as it appears so natural on the skin. It lifts and brightens my tired under-eyes beautifully, which ultimately allows me to feel a lot more confident in my own natural skin.

Does this concealer last all day?!

Actually, I would have to say that it lasts pretty well considering that it has a rather slippery gel-like, creamy formula. Whether it lasts entirely throughout a normal day is perhaps a different question, as the weather and humidity can alter the wear of makeup dramatically, and the weather is never consistent enough for me to work it out, unfortunately. Although to clarify I can tell you that this has always lasted well throughout a busy day for me, neither has the wear of this concealer ever been an issue for me personally.

Overall, I would have to say that I really enjoy using this concealer on a regular, day-to-day basis – regardless of whether it offers a full coverage finish in my opinion. Once easily blended, it appears very natural on the skin, and this is something that I really, really like about this product because it brightens, evens out my under eye colouring just right, whilst also helping my complexion to appear healthier and slightly more awake and alert too.

Is this concealer better than sleep?
Absolutely not because sleep is truly amazing both physically and emotionally.

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What do you think to this concealer by Bobbi Brown?!

Love, Jess

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