NEW TooFaced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder (Review)

Introducing the NEW Ethereal Setting Powder by TooFaced…

“so natural they’ll think you were Born This Way”

Along with the gorgeous TooFaced Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray, I was also very kindly brought the TooFaced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder back from America just over a month ago. Ultimately meaning that I was able to use this loose setting powder before it had even been released in the UK! Within this review, I would like to share with you all my thoughts on this rather pretty product, as I know it is of good interest to quite a few beauty addicts (just like myself) out there!

First up, the packaging. So the fact that this is a product by the brand TooFaced speaks wonders to me because it was certainly never going to plain, boring or just blah, was it?! I expected the packaging of the new Ethereal Setting Powder to be sophisticated, girlie, pretty and just lovely overall I suppose – and guess what? they didn’t let me down in this area at all. It’s the type of product that is appropriate for displaying on your dressing table, as it certainly wouldn’t look out of place next to some other fancy pieces and items.

The only ONE negative I have come across, however, with the packaging is the pop top style second lid which is just inside, after taking the main lid off. The second lid fastens securely via little teeth like pieces into the holes of where the powder comes out, which may not sound like a problem at all… but it makes accessing the powder just a little more difficult to do especially when you actually need it, as the teeth stop the product from coming out completely when it is closed.


To give you a little more of an idea about the Born This Way Setting Powder and what it can do for you, I can tell you a little information about it with regards to its ingredients and how TooFaced recommend for you to use it.

TooFaced proudly labels the following three ingredients on the packaging itself, perhaps because theses are very beneficial to the complexion?! The TooFaced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder is infused with Coconut Water, which supposedly aids delicate replenishment of the skin’s moisture levels and Alpine Rose, which is described to help brighten and boost skin’s radiance. Hyaluronic Acid has also been added to the formula of this powder, as it helps create a smoother more youthful appearance overall… which is definitely a positive by all means!

A final handy little tip that TooFaced have left on the packaging is simple,
‘apply directly after foundation application to set complexion for longer wear’.

My Thoughts

Where to start aye? Well, I can tell you that the loose powder is micro fine, which makes this a really beautiful product to use on the under eye areas, as it doesn’t appear chunky or heavy on the complexion, only light, thin and smooth. I also really love how the powder itself is flesh toned, as some white powders can appear very fake and too bright in different lighting, especially when worn on more minimal of makeup days. Having a flesh toned powder also ensures that there won’t be any white cast or flashback, which makes me very happy indeed, as I know I am safe to wear this product around flash photography (thank goodness). There is quite a silky texture to the formula, although this is definitely a matte finish powder in my opinion, as it doesn’t reflect at all in any light or appear dewy or glowy in any way.

Overall, I could only say that I really like this loose setting powder and would definitely recommend it to a friend for either baking or lightly dusting over the skin to set everything in place. It has a very lightweight, fine textured formula which really does sweep over the skin beautifully, even when dusting excess off after baking! It doesn’t dry out my skin further or emphasise any pores which is definitely encouraging. Although, cream products are a certain no-no after using this, as only powders can be applied over the top! Of course, as a setting powder this isn’t going to enhance the coverage of your foundation or concealer in any way – only mattify any shine and set tacky creams or liquid type products in place. Throughout wear, I must also say that I am very impressed with this product, as my under eyes really do look good after a good few hours! There is little wear and my complexion still looks healthy as opposed to the sight of cakey and dry skin… which I have definitely known and experienced on more than one occasion, even with the use of loose setting powder.

What are your thoughts on this new setting powder by TooFaced, would you buy it for yourself?

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Love, Jess

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