The ease of a BeautyBlender.

Throughout Jellybluesblog’s lifetime, I have definitely noticed that for some reason a few extremely popular beauty products are hardly spoken about on different blogs or on different social media platforms, neither are they given the same time or attention as so many other normal products get. Perhaps this could be down to the fact that these products are the ones that we use consistently and rely on daily without even giving them a second glance or thought?! Although, one product that I certainly feel needs summing up and speaking about a little more often is (you guessed it) the BeautyBlender – because this sponge is flipping amazing and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without one in my life.

I feel as though the BeautyBlender is used and seen so often on YouTube in-particular, yet it’s hardly spoken about nor reviewed by beauty gurus and influencers alike… and it just doesn’t make any sense as to why when we speak about literally every other product all of the time. So I’m here to set the record straight and give my review on possibly the best makeup sponge that there is!

The BeautyBlender is a makeup sponge that so many of us use regardless of what style of look we are trying to achieve. It could, in fact, be the only product that I use that has stayed consistent when I do my makeup because foundations definitely change all of the time but my choice of applicator never has… Whether you prefer the classic pink, the pro black or even the nude, no one can deny the power of the BeautyBlender. Brands everywhere are introducing a blending sponge of some sort to their collections, although the original has definitely not been replaced nor forgotten!

So what’s the deal then? Why is the BeautyBlender so popular and why does everyone rave about it like it’s the best thing in the world? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple, it’s because it works – and as simple as this answer is, it couldn’t be any truer even if it tried.

Out of every brand and type of makeup sponge that I’ve personally ever tried and used the BeautyBlender has always passed and secured its place as my top favourite. At one point, I must admit, the RealTechniques Diamond sponge nearly took its place and knocked it off its pedestal… but then I went back to my BeautyBlender after a short break and hope was faithfully restored. I guess I’d just briefly forgotten how amazing the BeautyBlender blends in liquid foundations, cream based products and of course… under eye concealer!

It’s very likely that BeautyBlender’s genius and success is down to a number of different things… From the sponges ultra soft, squidgy texture to the spring that it has when you squeeze one. I find this all helps to make this a really lovely and comfortable product to use when blending in parts of your makeup. Once dampened under running water the sponge doubles inside easily, proving just how light, airy and porous one really is. A sponge is capable of effortlessly blending a number of different formulas of foundations into the skin, from heavy thick ones to the lightest of coverages nothing seems to faze a BeautyBlender as far as I understand! It creates an even, flawless beautiful coverage that I can’t seem to achieve with any other applicator!!!

The BeautyBlender is also a great tool to use for blending in different formulas of concealer and on the odd occasion a cream contour and highlight too. It just seems to disperse any product beautifully – without drinking up a load of the formula itself but also blending it across the complexion evenly and really smooth. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have a BeautyBlender within my collection because one makes the application of makeup and foundation in-particular so straightforward and easy, yet it also gives my complexion the best possible finish that I’ve ever found.

What are your thoughts on the BeautyBlender, have you tried one?

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