Worth the hype? Marc Jacobs Scandalust Eye-Conic Palette

Introducing the brand new…

– SCANDALUST (740 Red)

Much to my surprise, I’m here writing a review on a Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette! With the window in the room where I’m sat open just a crack and the sound of hectic traffic passing by, I must tell you that I never expected to have this palette so close to my reach because I’d always told myself NO when it came to a luxurious designer palette like this, as let’s face it, one isn’t necessary in the slightest, is it. Although it would appear that temptation eventually got the better of me, as I’m sat holding and looking at this palette whilst typing this very paragraph out.

Out of the six palettes currently available by Marc Jacobs, Scandalust certainly caught my attention first. As it states, each palette holds an exciting mix of wearable, neutral chic shades that enables one to really dress their eyes with a pop of colour, finish or texture too if they so wish. There is a variety of finishes within the Scandalust palette too, ranging from velvet, satin, silk, and lamé.

So why did I pick the Scandalust palette above all else… well basically because it’s right up my alley and as British as it sounds, just my cup of tea. The shades within this palette range from neutral browns, the odd copper, and a few berry toned browns also. There is a beautiful shimmery highlight shade at the beginning, a gorgeous soft milky brown and two gorgeous metallic like satin shades. The variety and collection of colours here makes this a very wearable but sophisticated palette in my opinion. The brown tones, berry shades, and most importantly the coppers compliment blue eyes in particular beautifully well, as well as this being a really lovely palette to own for the Autumn – for those ever so beautiful autumnal styles of makeup looks!

In all, I must say that this is a very beautiful palette.

The packaging is sophisticated, luxurious and very displayable. The eyeshadows themselves have a creamy, richly pigmented formula that blend well and can be layered for extra intensity is of course desired. The shade range within Scandalust in-particular works very well too in my opinion, as they each compliment one another perfectly. I can also confirm that this would be an ideal palette to take away traveling, as it contains a mixture of different potential eye looks and the packaging is extremely light in weight but rigid also.

Would I say that this palette is worth its £39 price tag… well that is another question altogether because I like this palette for certain however I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is worth quite as much money as that. I understand perfectly well that this is a designer piece of makeup, and it isn’t just an everyday eyeshadow palette. Although, I wouldn’t say that this palette alone does quite enough for me personally to highly rave about it… The satin shades are lovely once applied with a dampened brush and the lighter almost transition shades included do their job as I’m sure they’re required, it just doesn’t give me that excitement like I guess I expected to experience.

If this palette is within your budget, then I would certainly recommend anyone to check it out for themselves, although if it isn’t, then I wouldn’t say that you need to bankrupt yourself to own this because there are cheaper alternatives out there, that perhaps give a little more too?

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What do you think of the Scandalust palette, does it sound like your cup of tea?!

Love, Jess

Open internationally • Ends: 31/08/17


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