A Luxurious Luminizer by Dior Beauty… (Product Review)

Todays the day. When I can finally sit back and deliver my thoughts on one of the beauty industries most admired highlighters…

The Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer, by none other than Dior!

For anyone who isn’t already aware, I would have to say that Dior is perhaps one of only a few brands that I could easily and happily wear a full face of makeup off. I love Dior’s foundations, their lipsticks, their mascara’s and now their luminizer too! Dior truly is, without a doubt a beautiful brand, that I consider myself privileged and very lucky to be able to wear and use on a more than regular basis.

  With my love for Dior’s makeup line ever-growing, I am constantly saving my pennies (well pounds) for a new glorious product that I can grace with my own Dior makeup collection. Having seen this luminizer being used by some of my favourite beauty guru’s and influencers online, I had a great deal of faith that this would be a worth while investment BUT also a product that I would adore for an endless amount of time to come.

Whilst gazing upon the Dior Beauty makeup counter in John Lewis a good few weeks ago, I was instantly hooked on the version of this luminizer in the shade: 002. As I felt that this would suit my naturally pale, pink undertoned complexion rather well, especially out of the four that are currently available.

I would describe the shade: 002 as a mix between an iridescent pink and a light champagne cream, as it sort of reflects both styles and colours whilst in different lighting. Much to no one’s surprise though, this luminizer has a shimmery finish, although, I wouldn’t say that the intensity of this shimmer is anything to be scared off or put off by, as it certainly isn’t a dramatic, chunky or over the top shimmer in my opinion. The shimmer is more elegant than anything if I had to describe it, as it just seems to enhance the natural features with a pretty but glowy touch!

It’s incredible how lightweight yet pigmented the formula of this luminizer really is!

In all, I would have to say that this prestige piece of luxurious makeup is honestly absolutely stunning, and certainly not a let down in the slightest! I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to own this highlighter and use it on whatever occasion I see fit. Whether that be nipping into town to run a few errands, a family outing or even just taking the dogs out for a walk. I always feel so confident whilst wearing this luminizer by Dior because I know that my stunning highlight is definitely going to be on point no matter what! 

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