Attending the #BloggersFestival 2017

Before I begin to share just a snippet of my experience from the #BloggersFestival last Saturday, I want to just say a massive thank you to the beautiful Scarlett London for inviting me and my plus one along. It was certainly an honour to have been asked, as well as a beautiful event to attend!

Saturday 23rd September arrived and I was soon out of bed, showering and getting ready to travel down to London. I had a brand new outfit to wear – thanks to a naughty little splurge in Topshop the week prior and a pair of black heeled ankle booties that I got out of the sale in Zara just a few months ago. My makeup was feeling good, the weather was nice and in all, I was feeling very excited to attend my second blogger’s event of this year!

Upon arrival, I must say that the staff at the Conrad St.James Hotel were very helpful and friendly. The gentlemen kindly directed us down the stairs to the event and even wished us a nice time! The organisers who sat with the guest list were too very cheerful, very welcoming and very friendly. I instantly felt very comfortable at the #BloggersFestival, which is a very special thing indeed.

Walking into the actual event itself though, I must say that the dominating but beautifully decorated table display which was at the front was very impressionable indeed! There was a large Kim Kardashian inspired flower wall towards the back – which was perfect for selfies and taking all kinds of different photography, a candy station to the left of me and even a balloon themed wall just outside. In the second room, there was a large San Disk stand, a T-Zone Skincare area, 7th Heaven was there, Vieve, Alflorex, Stackers, the Blogosphere Magazine and that’s naming just a few!

Whilst walking around, I must say that I loved speaking to both the owners and representatives of the many different brands that were there. It was incredibly interesting to get the chance to talk to the actual brands themselves about the products that they had there on display, as well as receive a little sample of the product itself every now and then!

In all, I must say that I had an amazing time at the #BloggersFestival event, and found it very interesting but exciting indeed. I want to say a massive thank you to the brands who were there, and to those who of course contributed to the amazing goodie bag which was given out at the end!

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Love, Jess



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