The NEW BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation by bareMinerals (Review)

The new BarePro foundation is described by bareMinerals themselves, to be capable of covering and improving the appearance of your skins natural texture not only immediately but also over time too. They say that this foundation will easily blur pores and imperfections – without clogging them or suffocating the skin, by a breathable yet full coverage liquid mineral formula. The Mineral Lock™ Long-Wear Technology included, claims to blend the mineral pigments with lipids, which are naturally found in skin, to lock in and create a transfer-resistant, true to colour coverage, that is also supposedly humidity, water, and sweat-resistant! The formula contains bamboo stem extract for a naturally matte, soft focus finish, whilst the papaya enzymes included, gently pay attention to caring for your skin’s texture.

This foundation by bareMinerals provides sun protection of SPF 20, which is essential for preventing premature aging of the skin, although, do remember that an SPF foundation can flash back in flash photography – which isn’t a problem I’m sure for everyday life, just something that’s definitely worth considering if you’re thinking of wearing this foundation to a nightclub or wedding, where flash photography is more than likely present and could easily catch you out!

So, what can I tell you about this foundation?

Well, first and foremost, let me tell you that I either love or hate this foundation and there’s no in-between. My thoughts towards it completely depend on whether my skin is feeling particularly dry on that day – whether I have noticeable blemishes or not or whether I am aiming for a light coverage or something a little more medium to full!

After wearing the BarePro foundation on and off, for a good few days now, I can tell you that this gives a lovely light and natural coverage to the complexion – once you’ve applied perhaps two-three pumps with a damp BeautyBlender. It effortlessly neutralises redness, whilst also lightly concealing heavy, dark freckles and an uneven skin tone. ALTHOUGH, once a second layer is gently applied, to achieve a slightly more medium to full coverage – this foundation can appear rather claggy, dry and somewhat cakey on my already dry skin type – even if I’ve used a moisture rich, hydrating primer beforehand?!

From a distance, I must say that this foundation appears beautiful on my complexion…

Skin appears smooth yet fresh, even and practically flawless dare I say.

Whilst looking up close though, I must tell you that this foundation just looks uncomfortably heavy on my skin. If you look at the under-eye areas, around my nose and in between my eyebrows you will see that my complexion just looks quite dry, tight and slightly cakey in appearance too. There are also visible crease lines around my under eye areas, where the foundation has settled into the fine lines but also separated, perhaps because of the eye primer I used prior.

It is strange that this foundation doesn’t like to be layered over the top of different skincare products, even if they are from the same cosmetic family! I understand, completely, that not all products are going to work well together… but this foundation appears to separate just a tad once layered over any other skincare or primer that I own?! Whether that be the bareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Eye Gel-Cream or just a simple moisturising primer by another fabulous brand like Marc Jacobs let’s say!

If you hadn’t of guessed it already, then I must say now that this is not one of my most favourite foundations to use or wear. I don’t like the texture or finish of it on my complexion personally, as for me, this is just too heavy and drying for an already dry skin type, like mine.

I do believe that this foundation would be better suited to someone who either has an oily complexion or even combination skin, as I feel the subtle matte finish that this foundation has would really benefit someone who had excess oil and possibly a shiny t-zone?!

In all, I would have to say that I am slightly disappointed by this foundation because I did have high hopes for it to begin with. I had heard from influencers alike, that this foundation had a lovely dewy finish, that sits well on the skin, glides over larger pores and lasts pretty well too. It’s just super unfortunate that me personally, this foundation likes to settle into dry areas, fine lines, pores and just sit quite heavy on my skin…

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What are your thoughts on this foundation, I’d love to hear that you’ve tried this foundation for yourself and are completely obsessed! Please let me know in the comments below.

Love, Jess


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